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fool tarot card meaning

This post covers the Fool Tarot Card Meaning in the traditional tarot deck. Featured card is from Tarot of the Ages

Element air.  

Hermetic Kabbalah element – 11 – Aleph 

Themes: Leap of faith. Spirit of ether. Open, fresh, spontaneous. Metaphor for journey through life. It’s the wish to do what you want. The great unknown. The void. No boundaries. Infinite. Cosmic child – genderless. From the realm of the imagination. Pure unfiltered intention. A way or the way things happen (the process).

In a Reading:

  • Do not overthink your next move as it may lead you to where you should be – right place / right time.
  • “Should I do this?” Yes…
  • Advice to get curious, to be open minded, to stay aware and don’t get locked into preconceived notions.
  • You are at the beginning of something and you may not realize it yet. You might not know it but you are protected.
  • Learning is the doing. Take a step.
  • It can often mean travel or to go somewhere far away.
  • A step before the first step, the first inclination that something new is beginning. It’s still mostly in one’s mind, not reality yet, but it’s the feeling or urge to start anew or go to a new direction in life, even if it feels scary and unclear.
  • The Fool is strangely empty but has a willingness to learn. He comes up at the beginning of a large journey….just starting off but not sure where to go and you (the Fool) has to decide the direction. The Magician is the one that acts on this choice.
  • The fool is the intention, the idea, the activator and almost always protected.
  • Get ready to see something in a different way.
  • The stick The Fool carries is a magical wand but he likely doesn’t know it yet.
  • The Fool’s bag is not just a bag. The bag is bottomless – can pull whatever is needed (like the “Room of Requirement” from the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling)

High expression

  • Yoda, deeply wise, new journey, follow heart, child-like enthusiasm.

Shadow side

  • Chaos, destruction for its own sake, naïveté, jackass. You can’t see clearly that the mistake you are making over and over again is not serving you.
  • Not planning for the future. 

Magical uses

  • The Fool is surrounded by his animal familiars. This would be a good time to call in allies, wise figures, and animal guides.

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“The Fool” card from the “Tarot of the Ages” Deck (1988). Illustrated by Mario Garzio

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