18 - The Moon Tarot Card Meaning

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This post explores the Moon tarot card meaning. The featured Moon tarot card image from the Tarot Apokalypsis Deck (paid link)

Astrology: Pisces energy

Element: Water

Hermetic Kabbalah Element: 29 – Qooph

Moon Tarot Card Meaning


  • Illusion, uncertainty, intuition, something hidden.
  • Lack of clarity.
  • Imagination.

Moon Tarot Card Meaning – In a reading

  • The Moon is about the unforeseen or unexpected. This is a time to trust in inner guidance.

  • Tap into intuition and pay close attention to dreams for messages from the subconscious.

  • Deception: carefully consider all offers of help and advice in order to avoid deception, false security or misrepresentation. Are you deceiving yourself or another in some way?

  • The Moon can mean intuition and paying attention to the “otherworldly”, metaphysical and spiritual, but because the High Priestess already means that, to me the Moon can mean “oh, you’re looking to the wrong direction or seeing everything in an unnecessarily bad light”.

  • Can mean that things are coming up to the surface. What stories do we have about ourselves that it’s time to grow out of? Memories and feelings.

  • If you feel you are heading into the unknown, this card says you’re capable and ready to handing the situation before you. You are ready to walk the moonlit landscape. Be ready to navigate the unknowns and be comfortable with the uncomfortable.

  • What fears do you have that need to be handled so you can make progress on your own path?

  • Resolve any issues with other people by clearing the air and letting them know where you stand. Bring up the pink elephant in the room and things from beneath the surface.

Symbolism in card

  • A wolf and a dog howling at the moon = represents a balance of opposites

  • Two Towers with the path heading to the distant mountains = pathway to higher consciousness

  • Crayfish crawling out of a pool of water = the great ocean or womb of life

  • All phases of moon are visible = Light and Dark including areas of grey. We must go  through all phases.

  • Card #18 – 1 + 8 = 9.
    • 9 – A call out to the Hermit – Absorbs wisdom from source and then delivers in the real world.

High expression

  • Experiencing an awakening

  • Embracing the unknown and being comfortable with the uncomfortable.

  • Willingness to accept and work through fears to move forward.

  • Healthy level of skepticism when engaging with others and considering new opportunities.

Shadow side

  • Allowing fears to rule your life to the point where they prevent progress.

  • Keeping stories about ourselves that are untrue and hold us back.

  • An unwillingness to see what is under the surface.

Magical Uses

  • Lunar Magic – engage with the phases of the lunar cycle.
    • Schedule work or projects in alignment with the different phases.
    • Manifestation work in alignment with the lunar phases
    • Full moon – what do I want to shed or get rid of?
    • New moon – what do I want to bring into my life?

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