19 - The Sun Tarot Card Meeting

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This post explores the Sun Tarot Card Meaning. The featured Sun tarot card is from The Light Seer’s Tarot deck (paid link)

Planet: The Sun

Element: Fire

Hermetic Kabbalah Element: 30 – Resh

sun tarot card meaning


  • Joy and living in the present moment

  • Positive outcome, celebration, success and achievement

  • Inner child, youthful energy, happiness and playfulness

The Sun Tarot Card Meaning – In a reading

  • Positive outcome – there is no worry in the world

  • Simply enjoying existence

  • No agenda’s or hidden influences, everything is just as you see it and its beautiful.

  • A time to reflect on the obstacles you have overcome and taking time to celebrate success.

  • Can indicate success and positive growth.

Symbolism in card

  • Child riding a white horse bareback = Mastery of animal instincts, the child within has been healed

  • Radiant sun = joy and warmth

  • Wall in background = obstacles have been overcome

High expression

  • Enjoying life and celebrating successes

  • Having gratitude and recognizing blessings in life.

Shadow side

  • Immaturity

  • Allowing yourself to burn out

  • Wanting to shine so much that you outshine others.

Magical Uses

  • Working with the element of fire – lighting candles, bomb fires

  • Daytime magic

  • Incorporating Sun energy into your alter space with the color “yellow”, candles and lights.

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