20 - Judgement Tarot Card Meaning

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Judgement Tarot Card Meaning

This post provides information on the Judgment Tarot Card meaning. The featured deck is from the Tarot of Pagan Cats deck (paid link).

Planet: Pluto

Element: Fire

Hermetic Kabbalah Element: 31- Shin


  • Taking stock, rites of passage, judgments, and decisions.

  • Higher consciousness, shedding limitations, and release.

  • Transformation and change.

Judgment Tarot Card Meaning – In a Reading

  • It’s a good time to take stock in life and decide if you are good with how things are in the present or if you are ready to move on to something new and different.

  • By taking the time to self-reflect on your life as it currently is, you will see a new vision for your life.

  • Can mean a life phase or situation is over and it’s a good time to look back, decide what lessons and memories you want to keep, and then close the door and move on.

  • Phoenix from the ashes – you are creating your reality based on what you think and believe.

  • Break ties with the things that are holding you back.

Symbolism in card

  • Archangel Gabriel = Messenger of the Most High. Sends out an awakening call.

  • Nude people rising out of coffin-like boxes = being called out of self-limiting constructs

High expression

  • Taking the higher road and knowing when to withhold judgments

  • Able to receive and benefit from constructive feedback

Shadow side

  • Inability to take in constructive criticism.

  • Listening more to others than to the self.

  • Overly judgmental with yourself or others.

  • Indecisiveness

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