18 – Moon Tarot Card Meaning

18 - The Moon Tarot Card Meaning

This post explores the Moon tarot card meaning. The featured Moon tarot card image from the Tarot Apokalypsis Deck (paid link) Astrology: Pisces energy Element: Water Hermetic Kabbalah Element: 29 – Qooph Themes Illusion, uncertainty, intuition, something hidden. Lack of clarity. Imagination. Moon Tarot Card Meaning – In a reading The Moon is about the […]

Human Design Arrows Guide – Part 2

Arrow #2 – Body and Environment Introduction to the 4 Transformations When you look at your human design chart you will see four arrows at the top. (Get your free chart here). These 4 arrows represent the Four Transformations: digestion, environment, awareness, and perspective.  In a nutshell, the arrows show the ideal way in which […]