21 Day Manifestation Challenge

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21 Day Manifestation

As I have mentioned in previous blog posts, I am NOT a manifestation guru AND I don’t want to be! I am passionate about the subject so I pulled together a 21 Day Challenge.

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Day 1

Get clear and connect with your heart’s desire

  • Sometimes we *think* we know what we want – but if we take time to self-reflect we also have those things that we feel “heart pulled” towards. Things that we feel this deep need or longing for vs. the things that are “nice to have”
  • Think about and feel into the things that you have a heart longing for and use that as a guide for a manifestation list.

Day 2

Identify at least 1 core value that is important to you

  • If you have never explored your core values I highly recommend it.
  • When we understand our core values we can leverage it as a compass especially when it comes to making decisions in life. When we are faced with two different choices, we can examine our options and really consider which choice or path is more aligned with our core values.
  • Brene Brown has a core values exercise if you are looking for one – LINK HERE
  • It is ideal if the items on our manifestation list should also align with our core values

Day 3

Write down your intention – be clear and concise

  • What is important here is to be as detailed as it feels good to you. If it feels too restrictive to get super detailed in your intention – remain a little high level and allow the universe to fill in the gaps. If it feels good to write out all of the details – lean into it. 
  • It is important to honor that our “how” when setting intentions may look different than other people’s “how” when setting theirs.

Day 4

Try “scripting”

  • Write down your dream in as much detail as feels “right” to you. Describe your dream and be sure to include how it feels. 

Day 5

Create a Vision Board

  • Ways to create a Vision Board
    • The traditional way is to take a large piece of paper and cut out images from magazines or print images from the internet that represent your manifestation. Arrange these images and tape or glue them to the paper. Hang your vision board in a place where you can see it every day
    • Create a Pinterest Board on Pinterest and pin images and articles that represent your manifestation
    • Create a vision board for free on Canva – print or save as an image in your device. You can also set it as a wallpaper background for your laptop!
  • Pay attention to how your vision board makes you feel. If it makes you feel expansive and excited – this is a manifestation tool that likely works for you. If your vision board makes you feel small, contracted or like you are missing out on life – this may not be a manifestation tool that works for you.

Day 6

Visualize your intention

  • Take a moment to get quiet and visualize your intention or your manifestation. Imagine it coming true, how it will feel, what it will look like and how will your quality of life change for the better.

Day 7

Create a manifestation playlist

  • Create a new playlist of songs that make you feel courageous, happy or empowered.

Day 8

Identify a limiting belief

  • Limiting beliefs are those stories or beliefs we have about ourselves that hold us back, keep us small and affect our self-confidence. 
  • Examples of limiting beliefs are things like – “I could never live there because it’s too expensive”; “No one will love or accept me for who I truly am”; and “I am not smart enough to pursue my dreams”.

Day 9

Discover affirmations and power statements

  • Take a moment to research affirmations or power statements that resonate with you. Pick one or two that make you feel empowered.

Day 10

Write / speak  your power statement at least 3 times today

  • Really try feeling it when you speak it or write it.

Day 11

Challenge a limiting belief

  • Review the limiting belief that you identified on Day 8 and challenge it. Write down all of the reasons that it is not true.
    • Ask yourself – What if I am wrong? How is this belief about myself serving me in some way?

Day 12

Identify a boundary that is important to you

  • Boundaries are important when it comes to relationships of all kinds and circumstances in our life.
  • When you are clear on what energies and situations you will allow and will NOT allow in your life – this will help inform your manifestation list. 
  • Think about where you need to set boundaries in your life – these are areas where there are opportunities for insights but also opportunities to take aligned action in getting what you want in life.

Day 13

Set a boundary or make a plan to set a boundary

  • Look back at the boundary you identified on Day 12 and consider how you might take action to set that boundary when the time is right

Day 14

Create a goal that is aligned with your manifestation

  • Before you set your goal, remember that goals are outcomes we are seeking that are within our control to accomplish. For example, you can set a goal to workout 5 days a week because it is within your control to accomplish. Whereas setting a goal to obtain a specific job at a specific company is not in your control. This item is better for your manifestation list!

Day 15

Sit quietly for a few minutes

  • Try a simple meditation or 5 minutes of sitting peacefully. Reflect on how it makes you feel.

Day 16

Try 417 hz music to clear your mind and space!

  • Find free 417hz music on Youtube and play for 10 min to clear your space

Here is my favorite – LINK

Day 17

Be Thankful

  • Write something you are grateful for and really FEEL it!

Day 18

Identify a core fear

  • Identify a core fear that may be holding you back from having what you truly want in life

Day 19

Face your fear

  • Take a moment to imagine yourself stepping into your fear with a positive result or outcome.

Day 20

“See to believe”

  • When we are manifesting, it is important to see examples that show us that we can have what we want or that what we want exists.
  • Find others who have a similar background to you and ALSO have what you want.
  • These individuals do not need to be people you know personally – google or find your expanders on social media. Just make sure that their story or journey to success resonates with you in some way.

Day 21

Look for signs

  • Look for signs from the universe. Signs can show up as…
    • “Angel numbers” such as 11:11
    • Words spoken to you through another person
    • Images out in the world around you
    • Crazy ideas that pop in your head

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