21 - The World Tarot Card Meaning

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This post covers the World Tarot Card Meaning in the traditional tarot deck. The featured World Tarot card is from The Light Seer’s Tarot Deck (paid link).

Planet: Saturn – Materiality; restriction; limitation; self-unknowing

Element: Earth

Hermetic Kabbalah Element: 32- Tav

World Tarot Card Meaning


  • Old cycles ending – Endings and completion of a cycle

  • New cycle beginning – starting something new

  • Success and accomplishment

  • Rapid growth and transformation

World Tarot Card Meaning – In a Reading

  • The World often comes up when something has been successfully completed: studies, a difficult project, a life phase or stage in general or just a period in life where you learned something to become a better version of yourself.

  • A chapter of your life is closed now. While it was educational and enlightening it is time to move forward and be the Fool again.

  • The shift that is coming is big and will bring blessings.

  • The querent may be experiencing rapid growth and transformation. Old habits and ways of being that are no longer serving them fall away. Could mean a spiritual awakening.

  • Can sometimes mean international travel.

  • Reaching a new level of mastery or performance.

  • Finally living authentically and embodying your truth.

  • Mastering worldly life and gaining spiritual freedom.

Symbolism in card

  • Woman dancer holding batons = spirit supports her and the work she is doing. She is now the Magician – master of transformation.

  • Lion, Cow, Bird of Prey, Man = The four winged guardians surrounding her from the Wheel Of Fortune card suggest that these guardians are not at her service.

High expression

  • Living authentically and stepping up as the Magician in your own life

  • Embracing a new beginning and stepping into the shoes of the Fool

Shadow Side

  • Obsessed or addicted to the past – an unwillingness to move forward into a new cycle.

  • Possessing an attitude that everything will be the same and nothing will change.

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