Astrological Birth Chart and Manifestation

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Astrological Birth Chart

In this post, I explore the astrological birth chart and manifestation. Specifically, how can a birth chart support our manifestation efforts? There is more to your Astrological chart than just your Sun Sign. Being familiar with other aspects of your chart can shed light on many aspects of your life. But when it comes to manifestation specifically, here are the 4 aspects to take a look at.

Astrological Birth Chart

Astrological Birth Chart

1 – Discover Your “Primal Triad”

  • The “Primal Triad” is the combination of your Sun Sign, your Rising Sign (or ascendant) and your Moon Sign. Here is what these three aspects represent (in a nutshell):
    • Sun Sign – your personality characteristics.
    • Rising Sign – how your personality shows up in the world. Think about how the sun shines through a stained glass window. Your rising sign is the stained glass and your sun sign shines through it. For example, if you are a Capricorn but you are Libra rising, you will have Capricorn personality characteristics with Libra flavors in how you present yourself to others.
    • Moon Sign – your emotional life. How you react to changing circumstances and what you need to make you feel in alignment. 

  • How does knowing your primal triad support you with your manifestation work?
    • Understanding your primal triad can be a tool for clarity and self-understanding. It helps you understand:
      • The foundation or framework of who you are.
      • Your emotional life and what drives you.
      • Your personality preferences and characteristics.
      • Your values and the things that are important to you.
    • Before writing your manifestation list, it is important to first be clear on what things or situations are in alignment with your true self. It is important to embrace all aspects of yourself.
    • When you know what important to you, you will know what you need to feel in alignment with your trueself.

  • Recommendations: If you are in the market for an astrologer, I highly recommend Danielle Beinstein who can be found here – LINK.

2 – Discover your Astrological North Node

  • What is “North Node”?
    • Your astrological destiny. North Node is the direction you are headed this time around. When you are moving in the direction of your North Node, you are stepping out of your comfort zone. It’s a direction of growth.

  • How does knowing your North Node support your manifestation efforts?
    • Knowing your astrological destiny and the direction you are headed this lifetime,  will ensure the things on your manifestation list are in alignment with your North Node. 

  • Recommendations: If you want to deep dive into your North Node,  Dara Dubinet is a wonderful resource – LINK.

3 – The placement of Jupiter in your Astrological Chart

  • Why Jupiter?
    • Jupiter is the planet of growth, expansion, healing, prosperity, good fortune, and miracles.

  • How does knowing where Jupiter is in your chart support manifestation?
    • There are 12 houses in your astrological birth chart. Knowing which house Jupiter is in can help you know where Jupiters energies of expansion will be particularly active in your chart. 
    • Understanding this can help you work *with* the energies in your life and in your chart as you are doing your manifestation work.
    • For example, if Jupiter’s placement in your chart is in the 5th House of Pleasure – you may find that you are prosperous in areas where you love what you do or are able to express yourself creatively.

4 – Offer clues on where you may have blocks, challenges or shadow

  • How?
    • A comprehensive reading of your astrological natal chart, especially if done by a professional, can help you discover areas where you may have blocks or challenges. The planets and signs all have energies associated with them and where they show up in your chart, and how they relate to each other, can offer clues on areas you can work on, accept or embrace.

  • How does this support manifestation efforts?
    • When you have clues as to where you have blocks or challenges that can be worked on or accepted this can improve or increase your self-worth & confidence. Having a healthy internal relationship or view of yourself is key to successfully calling in the things you desire.

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