Lovers Tarot Card Meaning

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This post covers the Lovers Tarot Card Meaning in the traditional tarot deck.

Planet: N/A

Astrology: Gemini

Element: Air – thinking, thought, spoken and written communication, strife and conflict, expressions of the mind, logic and rationality, fairness, inquisitiveness, cleverness, nervousness, impersonal

Hermetic Kabbalah Element: 17 – Zayin

Lovers Tarot Card Meaning


  • A choice, doubt and hesitation.
  • Collaboration.
  • Maturity in partnerships, business, friendships
  • Growth and commitment.
  • Vulnerability.
  • Union of opposites.
  • Two units or two beings coming together in some way.
  • Liberation – recognizing that we are free.

Lovers Tarot Card Meaning In a reading:

  • There are two paths and it is time for a choice.
  • There may be doubt and hesitation in where a relationship is at. A choice needs to be made – the outcome of which is of vital importance.
  • Ambivalence about a relationship or situation – heart saying one thing and head another. (2 of cups is more of a positive relationship card).
  • This card is about soul mates and romantic love, but its also about any choice you need to make; the prompt is to choose what feels right in your mind, body, heart and soul.
  • The choice is right when all of the elements align and make you feel good, ‘this is the right way’. Is this situation what you really want?
  • Can be an opportunity to look at yourself, are you loving yourself?
  • It is in relationship to others that we are challenged and grow the most. An opportunity to see ourselves mirrored in another or situation.

Symbolism in card:

  • The Fool faces two new challenges: 1) sex and 2) balance from union with other person.
  • Archangel Raphael = healing of emotional and physical
  • Garden of Eden = Fertile landscape
  • Woman = snake and apple, temptation, emotion, subconscious.
  • Man = tree on fire, passion, physical, conscious.
  • Volcano = phallic symbol and passion.
  • Sun – happiness, positivity, joy, Tree of life, sun sphere.
  • Naked = vulnerability. creation, connection

High expression:

  • Making the choice / decision knowing this is the “right way”.
  • Exploring curiosity in a healthy way.
  • Collaboration.
  • Maturity in partnerships, business and friendships. Growth and commitment.

Shadow side:

  • Indecision. Losing all if unable to choose.
  • Temptation.
  • Severe break in relationship or wanting the best of both worlds (have my cake and eat it too).
  • Quarrels, disagreement separation or divorce. What is real and what is not real?
  • Judgements or projections onto others.
  • Not seeing others fully.
  • Obsessions, obsessive relationships, hysterical need for a person or relationship.
  • Either or thinking – when I get x, I will be able to y.

Magical uses:

  • Spellwork around love, self love, love in life to enhance life.
  • Engaging with herbs or art with curiosity.
  • Courting new plants, crystals, herbs – getting to know them.
  • Collaborations and partnerships

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