Strength Tarot Card Meaning

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Strength Tarot Card Meaning

This post covers the Strength Tarot Card Meaning in the traditional tarot deck. Featured image is The Strength card from Light Seer’s Tarot by Chris-Anne

Planet: N/A

Astrology: Leo

Element: Fire – intuition, spirit, action of the will, inspiration, creativity, energy, initiative, goal-directed activity, passion, courage, desire, enthusiasm, aggression, will, optimism

Hermetic Kabbalah Element: 19 – Teth


  • Leo energy
  • Soft power, influence, fortitude, courage, ambition, spit fire, determination
  • Control mind over matter
  • Love, patience and gentleness are superior to materialism
  • Vigor, vitality, power, energy, robustness
  • Lady of the beast
  • Being open to figure out what the querent needs for themself and what is needed to integrate those things

Strength Tarot Card Meaning In a reading:

  • The querent can control their own or someone else’s animal instincts, fears and urges with staying calm, cool and collected.
  • Reminds us that even if we don’t feel capable or strong we are. Time to get past the hang ups we have.
  • Being frustrated, panicking and succumbing to fears won’t help so keep cool.
  • Soft power – gentle power, “feed them honey and you will win”
  • Reconciliation is possible if you can conquer emotions.
  • Take another look at the obstacles and see if they are real.
  • Querent is ready for expansion.
  • Can mean that querent has gathered its strength, is hitting peak stride and coming into to true power.
  • A nudge to get back to self through shadow self. The querent should examine what they want and need now.
  • If referring to creativity and blocks around creativity it is a message to be gentle with the muse. Not harsh. True strength is working in collaboration with the muse. Letting her play.
  • Dealing with our issues from a new place in a new way.
  • Linking actions with desires.
  • Finding right place in world for you to thrive and flourish. The lion needs to be in the right place.

Symbolism in the card:

  • Here the Fool learns the value of patience and tolerance
  • Woman – This card often shows a young maiden with a lion. She often has her hands on the jaws of the lion, expressing raw energy with grace, resilience and inner strength. She is not at the mercy of this lion. She is not contained like the Magician is in his armor. She is in nature and often wearing flowers. She taps into her personal power and harnesses the powers of nature. She collaborates with nature. She is taming the lion with gentleness. This woman also looks like the nature goddess (a call out to the Empress ).
  • Lion (male) – Raw passion and animal instincts / energy
  • Flowers – nature, feminine power, gentleness, beauty
  • White – spirituality vs. ego
  • Nature – represents inner strength and energies in the natural world
  • Infinity symbol – a link back to the Magician. The Magician is wearing strong armor and takes a vision and makes a reality through will.
  • Yellow background – warmth, Leo, the Sun
  • Card number “8” – the infinity symbol on its side
  • Wild animals – instinct and drive. Wild animals are truthful in their innocence.

High expression:

  • Stepping into personal power
  • Collaborating with nature / natural energy and power.
  • Using soft power
  • Not abandoning the self and healing the self
  • Being brave enough to care
  • Healthy models of power

Shadow side:

  • Violence, abuse of power, dominance in a jerky way, excess of force
  • The unconscious dominates our behavior
  • Not showing enough strength
  • Lacking vigor, health, or vitality
  • Creative blocks / writers block – can’t access the muse

Magical uses:

  • Connect with animal spirit guides and friends.
  • Meditate on the powers of animals or watch videos on the animals and their nature.
  • Stones: Tiger’s eye stone, sunstone, citrine, rose quartz.
  • Work to cultivate strength through daily activities such as activity, food, sleep, etc.
  • Strengthen the connection between your physical body and intuition.
  • Roses around you or on the altar.
  • Cultivate creativity and work with muse (photocopy card and put on alter, in spell bag, etc)
  • Spending time in nature – going where there are strong natural forces – waterfalls, wind, etc.

Supporting cards – Minor Arcana 8s, the Empress, the Magician, the Sun (amplifying positive), the Chariot, the Hermit, and Queen of wands.

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