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Tiffany Harazinova, Founder of aluxuriousmind

“It was so brilliant. Tiffany was excellent, really informative and insightful. She explained Human Design super well and I really felt so inspired and also comforted after our reading.”

Hi, I'm Tiffany!

If you are someone who has learned to navigate the “traditional” world while also having unconventional beliefs and passions, we have a lot in common.

I have always been a mystic who is also fascinated by human behavior, personality profiles and what makes us “tick”. I am especially interested in what makes each of us different and how we can leverage our gifts to get what we want in life. I am a strong believer that we are all capable of being successful and living the life we want – the key is that our “how” might look different than someone else’s “how”.

In my work, I bring both the practical and the spiritual together to help you embrace the magic that already resides within you, empowering you to live the life you want.

Education & Professional Background
  • In 1998, I graduated from college with a BA in Psychology. At that time, my plan was to get a PsyD in Forensic Psychology, join the FBI and chase serial killers but clearly the universe had other plans for me!
  • I have spent over 20 years working in the corporate arena building skills and expertise in the following areas:
    • Medical Education
    • Project Management
    • Change Management
    • Product Launch
  • I had an e-commerce business flipping vintage items I found at estate sales and selling them online. My best flip was a bracelet that cost me about 10 cents and I later sold it for $1,000. I closed my shop in summer 2020 after the pandemic started.
  • In 2018, I became a certified Dragontree Life Coach– I chose Dragontree  because I wanted to understand how I could help people through BOTH traditional and spiritual philosophies.
My Unconventional Side
  • In 2012, I became a Usui Reiki Master / Teacher because I wanted to heal myself. At that time, I was struggling with autoimmune symptoms and wanted access to every tool possible including energetic healing.
  • As a Human Design Reader, I was trained by Jenna Zoe who is the founder of myhumandesign. (I am also a recommended reader on her site.) I discovered Human Design in 2018 and loved how this practical tool can deepen our understanding of ourselves and help us really embrace who we are so we can realize our true potential. Some would say its a bit “woo” and I get it – sometimes I wonder too! 
  • I am passionate about planners and organizational tools. I started creating my own planners from scratch in 2015 because I couldn’t find a planner that had everything I wanted. It has been my dream to create practical, but magical, planners and workbooks that are inspiring but transformative.
  • I am a tarot enthusiast – I am fascinated by the symbolism in the tarot and its intersections with astrology, numerology and occult history.
My Approach
When I discovered Human Design, I instantly knew that it was going to be a long love affair!
Since the beginning, I have been interested in how Human Design can be used as a tool to help us not only understand ourselves but also how we can understand each other – especially in relationships.  
That said, I am NOT dogmatic in my approach to Human Design. In my world, nothing is black and white and we should never put ourselves in a box. We should always have an open mind. 

I see Human Design as one of MANY tools that help us transform our understanding of ourselves and others.

If you are interested in my honest thoughts about Human Design, check out this ARTICLE.

Also consider this article I wrote on why you don’t really NEED Human Design. CLICK HERE

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