About Tiffany

Tiffany Harazinova, CEO (Chief Enchantment Officer)

If you have learned to navigate the “traditional” world while also having unconventional beliefs and passions, we have a lot in common.

Hi, I'm Tiffany!

I have always been a mystic, fascinated by magick, human behavior, personality profiles, astrology, and personal development. (In 1998, when I graduated from college with a Psychology degree, I planned to join the FBI and chase serial killers. That never came to be but I am still a huge fan of true crime.)

In my work, I bring both the practical and the spiritual together to help you embrace the magic that already resides within you, empowering you to live the life you want.

About My “Professional” Background

I have spent over 20 years working in the corporate world building skills and expertise in Medical Education, Project Management, Change Management, Product Launch, and Marketing. If this is your thing, you can find me on LinkedIn

About Me
  • I am happily married and currently living in the Midwest. I have a son who is now an adult and doing his own thing. We are also parents to two ridiculously spoiled rescue cats named Pip and Raven.
  • I am an eternal student so you will often find me studying and learning about something that currently lights me up. I love reading and listening to audiobooks and podcasts.
  • My guilty pleasure is watching reality TV and, luckily my husband is into it too. We like to watch many of the Bravo shows like “Vanderpump Rules” and “Real Housewives”. We also enjoy shows on TLC and Lifetime such as “90 Day Fiance” and “Married at First Sight”.
  • In case you are curious…

What I Believe + My Approach

I believe that Human Design, personality tests, and Astrology are all tools that can be incredibly helpful in your personal development journey but we should hold these frameworks “loosely”. Nothing is black and white and you should never put yourself in a box. Always have an open mind. Take what resonates, discard what doesn’t and take the next step….whatever that means to you. 

I believe abundance and enjoyment of life directly correlate to your ability to recognize the stories your mind is telling you and NOT  allowing your mind to guide your life. You have an inner wisdom you can tap into but the stories of the mind distract you and cloud your decision-making process which can block you from abundance and having what you want in life. 

I strongly believe that you are capable of being successful and having the life YOU want. The key is that your “how” might look different than someone else’s “how”. It is important to stop listening to the external voices (and your mind) that tell you to do things a certain way and trust your internal guidance to do things YOUR way instead.

I believe that when you change your mind or move on to something new because you are listening to your desires and intuition, this is a POWER MOVE. You are NOT procrastinating, you ARE productive, and you ARE able to finish the things you start. 

When you take action based on your desires and intuition, you are moving in the direction the universe is asking you to go and only good things can come from it.  It is important to get rid of the negative and untrue stories your mind is telling you about the inspired actions you take.

Origin Story

I am a multi-passionate person and it is important to me that my website and my business allow space for me to explore all the things I feel inspired to. 

One day, I was trying to think of what to call my little home on the internet, and the name “aluxuriousmind” popped into my head and it just FELT right. This was a brand name that would allow me to explore and share all of the things, practical AND magickal.

I absolutely ADORE foxes and the aluxuriousmind logo was inspired by the fox constellation Vulpecula. If you look closely at my logo, you will see a little fox and the constellation Vulpecula.

A Luxuriousmind Timeline

Energy, tarot, and oracle cards
I started learning how to work with energy, tarot, and oracle cards, and delved into all things magick!
Usui Reiki Master / Teacher

I became a Usui Reiki Master / Teacher because I wanted to heal myself. At that time, I was struggling with autoimmune symptoms and wanted access to every tool possible including energetic healing.

My own planners

I have always loved planners so I started creating my own planners from scratch using a Moleskine notebook, markers, a pencil, and a ruler.

I now make and print all of my planners with Amazon KDP.

E-commerce business

I built an e-commerce business flipping vintage items I found at estate sales and selling them online.

My BEST flip was a bracelet that cost me about 10 cents and I later sold it for $1,000.

My strangest flip was a haunted Shirley Temple Doll (long story!)

While I still love this hustle, I decided to close my shop in the summer of 2020 and indulge in other passions.

Dragontree Life Coach

I realized that people often come to me for advice so I became a certified Dragontree Life Coach. I chose Dragontree because I wanted to understand how I could help people through BOTH traditional and spiritual modalities.

Human Design

When I discovered Human Design and I learned the insights embedded in my bodygraph chart, I felt so validated and empowered to be myself! It has truly been a game-changer in my life because I now know how to tune into my intuition instead of listening to the external world tell me what I should do or how I should do it.

This tool was so helpful I decided to become a Human Design Reader so I could help others as well.

I trained under Jenna Zoe who is the founder of myhumandesign.

Miami + My Blog + YouTube Channel

My husband and I moved to Miami, Florida and we rescued two kittens! We named them Pip and Raven.

I started my blog in earnest. My desire was to take all of the information that I had been collecting and put it out there in a way that could be useful to others.

I also started my YouTube Channel at the end of 2020.

Free Resource Library Launched

I launched my Free Resource Library because it was very important to me to provide free resources without any strings attached!

I also started creating digital planners in 2021. I taught myself Indesign and took a course called “Digital Planner Template Kit” which is STILL available for anyone interested. (Here is an affiliate LINK and you DO NOT need to know Indesign to create a planner with this amazing course!)

Planners and Journals via Amazon KDP

I followed inspiration and started creating print planners and notebooks through Amazon KDP under my own name and a pseudonym, Cerrida Flyingdeer.

My shop as Tiffany - LINK

My shop as my alias - LINK

Back to the Midwest + First Course

We moved back to the Midwest for a few years.

I created my first course called Love and Human Design.

I also created a couple of eBooks for My Shop.

A Certified Astrologer

I became a certified Astrologer with more to come so stay tuned…

Where will YOU be 5 or 10 years from now if you add some practical magick to your life?

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