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Hi! My name is Tiffany and I am hoping to add some practical magick to your life. I love Human Design, Astrology, tarot & oracle cards, creating resources, planners and workbooks!


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"As a Life Coach myself, it’s fair to say I’ve done work on myself. I consider myself to be self aware, and pretty enlightened. I was however very curious about Human Design, and booked an appointment with Tiffany. I had no idea how revolutionary it would be. It changed the way I plan my day, track my energy and regulate my productivity levels. I was so blown away by the practical insights it gave me that I get Human Design readings charted out for my Life Coaching clients. Tiffany’s Human Design readings themselves and the way she explains it all is so illuminating. It’s another way to shine a light on how to work WITH your system and not against it. I can’t imagine working WITHOUT that insight, now that I have it. Thank you, Tiffany!"
Meena Melissa Leigh
She Who Is Seeking