Am I a Specific or NonSpecific Manifestor?

Am I a Specific or NonSpecific Manifestor?

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Today I am going to share how to know if you are a specific or nonspecific manifestor in Human Design. I will cover 1) How to know which you are; 2) what it means to be a specific manifestor plus practical tips and 3) what it means to be a non specific manifestor plus practical tips

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Am I a Specific or NonSpecific Manifestor?

Are you a specific or nonspecific manifestor? How to know

What can our Human Design tell us about manifestation?

There is something in Human Design called the Four Transformation or “Variables”. This aspect of our chart tells us whether or not we should be specific (or detailed) when we are writing our manifestation list. 

Many manifestation guru’s out there will tell you that it is important to be very specific when writing a manifestation list. Human Design is saying, “wait a minute. You may or may not be designed to work that way”. So how do you know for sure? It is simple, go to and input your birth details. Once you click “enter” you will get your Human Design Bodygraph chart.

  • NOTE – It is very important to have your EXACT birth time when you input your birth details for an accurate result for THIS aspect of the chart. The variables are super sensitive to birth time so I recommend getting a copy of birth certificate if you can.

What if I don’t know my exact birth time?

There are MANY situations that prevent a person from knowing their exact birth time. If you are unsure of your exact birth time, I recommend doing the following:

  • Input your best guess for your birth time into the chart.
  • Read the information below for specific and nonspecific manifestors. 
  • If one or the other intuitively feels right to you – try implementing that strategy in your manifestation efforts.
  • If you do not get an intuitive “hit”, experiment with both strategies and see which works best for you OR feels more comfortable to you. I recommend choosing a manifestation that you want but are not heavily invested in. For example, you could manifest a small amount of cash or a purple butterfly to show up in your life. Play with each strategy and see which works best or FEELS better to you.

How to know which manifestor type I am? 

  • When you look at your bodygraph chart you will see 4 arrows at the top of the chart. Two on each side. 
  • Look at the arrow on the bottom right side. If this arrow points left – you are a specific manifestor. If this arrow points right – you are a non-specific manifestor.
  • This arrow tells us what lens you are seeing life through, your viewpoint and how you get to your goals. The energy of this arrow is – “either I am going to go and pick what I want out of life” or “I am going to let things come to me”.
Specific or non-specific manifestor

What it means to be a specific manifestor 

  • You are designed to be specific on how you want things to look and work out in your life. 
  • It is energetically correct for you to say, “I want this thing and I am going to get it in a healthy balanced way”.
  • Specific manifestors thrive on the process of choosing what they want down to the last little detail. They know exactly what they want and need to be excited about the manifestation. 

Practical Tips for Specific Manifestors

  • Try being very clear and detailed about the thing on your manifestation list. 
  • Just because you are a specific manifestor does NOT mean you should be so specific that it feels cumbersome to you. As you are writing down the details of your manifestation – be as detailed as feels GOOD to you. 
  • Leverage lists and goal setting as a supportive tool to your manifestations.
  • Lean into visualizations and vision boards. 
  • It is important for you to say “NO” to the things that are not exactly what you want. Be clear especially when it comes to setting boundaries.
Am I a Specific or NonSpecific Manifestor?

What it means to be a nonspecific manifestor

  • It is energetically correct for you to be less controlling about the things you are calling into your life.
  • You don’t need to iron out the details of the experience and you can create space to allow the universe to support your needs.
  • You may like to be surprised by something the universe provides you that you didn’t even know you wanted or needed. It is this discovery process allows you to feel supported, grateful and joyful. 
  • As a nonspecific manifestor, you don’t need to be specific because you know that your every desire (and more) is already on its way. 
  • It may feel limiting or restrictive to have to choose exactly what you want. It may feel like a chore or cause you to feel boxed in. 
  • For you, being general in what you desire in life and allowing all of the details to work themselves feels supportive.

Practical Tips for Non-Specific Manifestors

  • Stay high level and write only the top 3 or 5 things that are important to you about the thing you are trying to manifest.
  • Ask the universe to send you an image of what will make you feel abundant.
  • Lean into core desired feelings like adventure, abundance, luxury and comfort. 
  • You may find general affirmations and mood boards to be more inspiring. 
  • Be specific about the WHY being your manifestation. Non-specific does NOT mean you should not be specific about the WHY behind your manifestation. “Specific” is more about the details of the thing.
  • Don’t feel pressured to iron out the details of something.
  • Lean into letting go and allowing for things to unfold in their own way

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