Human Design Bodygraph Chart Anatomy

Anatomy of a Human Design Bodygraph Chart

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Human Design Bodygraph Chart

This post is a high level review of the Human Design Bodygraph Chart. When looking at a Human Design Chart you will notice a series of squares, triangles, lines and shapes represented in a chart. Here is a simple break down

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Human Design Bodygraph Chart – General Overview

Energy Centers

  • There are 9 energy centers in a chart
  • The 9 energy centers are represented as square, diamond and triangular shapes in the chart.
  • Each center is either white or has color
  • Energy centers are instruments that can be used for our advantage whether they are defined or undefined
  • If a physical organ associated with an energy center has been removed, the energetics does not go away. The aura of that organ / center remains.

Color vs. No Color

  • When an energy center, gate or channel has color that is considered “defined”
  • Wherever we are defined (or have color) in a chart is where we have our own energetic “stuff” going on and we are less likely to pick up on the energetics of others in this area
  • When an energy center, gate or channel is white or empty that is considered “open” or “undefined”
  • Undefined or white areas are places where we can flow a bit and try different aspects on. It doesn’t mean we are never that. 

Personality vs. Design

  • There is a personality side of our chart and a design side of our chart.
  • Personality side (Black) = energetics or traits that we are born with and may be aware of
  • Design side (Red) = energetics or traits that we were given at our design date (3 months prior to birth date)
  • For more information on black vs. red in the chart see the explanation in “Gates” below

Human Design Bodygraph Chart – Energy Centers

Chart depiction is a original image created specifically for use on


  • Crown or Head Center (Pressure) – Inspiration, anxiety, mental pressure
  • Ajna (Awareness) – Conceptualization
  • Throat (Manifestation) – Communication, manifestation, action
  • G – Center (Identify & Sense of Direction) – Identity, self, love, direction
  • Ego or Heart (Motor) – Ego, will power
  • Sacral (Motor) – Sexuality, life, creativity
  • Solar Plexus (Awareness & Motor) – Emotions, feelings, nervousness
  • Spleen (Awareness) – Intuition, instinct, fear, immune system
  • Root (Motor & Pressure) – Life fuel, pressure, stress


Crown and Ajna Energy Centers with Gates


  • Gates are the numbered areas on the chart that are embedded in each energy center (see image above)
  • The 64 gates in Human Design are associated with the 64 gates in the ancient Chinese book of divination called the “I Ching” which is over 1,000 of years old.

Gates and Colors

  • Anytime connecting gates both have color this is considered a “channel” (see below)
  • Anytime one gate has color and the corresponding gate does not have color – this is considered a “hanging gate”

Energetics of Gates

  • Our defined gates inform our worldview. They are the lenses through which we see life.
  • Gates are energetics that we must master ourselves and then we can help others master them as well.
  • Each gate has its own energy and Human Design is the practical roadmap how to use these energies. Each energetic can be…
    • Used in a positive way or a negative towards ourselves or others
    • Activated with lack and fear or we can activate it with truth and abundance
    • Embraced or shied away from it because of conditioning
  • The gates themselves are mapped according to planetary activations listed to the right and left-hand sides of the chart. If a number is activated by a planet, that gate will be defined.

Gates and Colors (Black vs. Red)

Black lines

  • Personality side – traits we are born with and more conscious of.
  • The conscious black gates represent themes that we are conscious of and are recognizable to us as part of our personality.
  • On a conscious level, we have influence over these aspects of ourselves. We also have awareness of them and can observe them.

Red lines

  • Design side – traits we may be unconscious of.
  • The unconscious red gates are themes that are part of our design and they manifest whether we understand it or not and are aspects of what drives our “vehicle.”
  • These traits are, in essence, the parts of ourselves to which our mind has to surrender.
  • They represent what is going on in our unconscious and also what we received as part of our genetic inheritance.

Striped / Both Black and Red

  • The gates that are striped are energetics that we manifest both consciously and unconsciously.
  • When we have both black and red in a gate, it is life saying “you are like this inherently and we are going to give you an extra dose / energy for that. Focus on them this time around.”

Gates and Relationships with Others

  • In relationships, when we have the same gates these are opportunities for friendship. When we have opposite gates (defined vs. undefined), these can be areas of chemistry.



  • Channels connect two energy centers in a chart.
  • Anytime a channel connects two energy centers, both energy centers will be colored or defined.

Energetics of Channels

  • As with gates, energetics of a channel can be…
    • Used in a positive way or a negative towards ourselves or others
    • Activated with lack and fear or we can activate it with truth and abundance
    • Embraced or shied away from it because of conditioning
  • Wherever we have a full channel – we can do the completion of that energetic process ourselves.


Arrows in Human Design Chart


  • The arrows in a Human Design chart are referred to as the Four Transformations. They represent:
    • Digestion
    • Environment
    • Awareness
    • Perspective.
  • Arrows contain information based on the direction they are facing (right vs. left)
  • There are 16 possible arrow combinations in a given chart so I recommend scheduling a human design reading with your favorite reader to get more information about your arrows.
  • See this blog post to learn more about the 4 arrows.

If you are interested in all things Human Design, check out the Free Resource Library for free printable PDFs and digital products designed to support your Human Design journey.

Disclaimer: Human Design is a very complex system and this description is not intended to be comprehensive.

Reference: Human Design: The Definitive Book of Human Design, The Science of Differentiation by Ra Uru Hu (paid link)

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