Aquarius Spirit Animal

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This article covers Aquarius Spirit Animals. I love the idea of “animal spirit guides” and this is something I have explored and experimented with since I was in my early 20’s. So I decided to create some fun posts covering spirit animals associated with the zodiac signs. I also created “woodland forest creature” versions for each zodiac sign and you will see that animal in this article.

What are Animal Spirit Guides? 

  • Animal spirit guides are essentially metaphysical beings or energies that are associated with a particular animal. It is believed that these guides are here to act as spiritual teachers, offering guidance and wisdom to individuals who seek to connect with them. 
  • Some people believe that animal spirit guides can appear in dreams, visions, or meditations, while others believe that they can be called upon through rituals or ceremonies. In many cultures and spiritual traditions, animal spirit guides play an important role in healing, personal growth, and spiritual development.

What animals are typically associated with Aquarius?

  • Aquarian spirit animals will symbolize qualities such as humanitarianism, innovation, enlightenment, the flow of ideas and intellectual pursuits. Remember that your spirit animals are a reflection of your inner self, so embrace its qualities and let its energy guide you on your journey. Allow yourself to be inspired by their unique traits and characteristics.
  • Here are the animals often associated with Aquarius – Eagle, Owl, Dolphin, Woodpecker and Racoon

Aquarius Spirit Animal Meanings

Photo Credits: Pixabay


  • Another spirit animal often associated with Aquarius is the eagle. As the eagle soars high above, it represents the visionary nature of Aquarians and their ability to transcend conventional boundaries.
  • Like the eagle, Aquarians possess a unique perspective that allows them to see beyond the limitations of societal norms and envision a future that is innovative and progressive.
  • The eagle’s independence and freedom align with the Aquarian inclination to stand apart from the crowd and fearlessly embrace their individuality.
Photo Credits: Pixabay


  • One of the most commonly associated spirit animals with Aquarius is the owl. This creature has the ability to see through darkness and represents the wisdom and intuition that Aquarians often possess.
  • Just as the owl’s keen vision allows it to perceive what others may not, Aquarians have a knack for delving into the depths of knowledge and gaining insights that elude many.
  • The owl symbolizes the intellectual prowess and intuitive nature of Aquarius, reflecting their ability to uncover hidden truths and navigate complex situations with clarity and precision.
Photo Credits: Pixabay


  • The dolphin also holds significance as a spirit animal for Aquarius. Dolphins are known for their strong sense of community and their ability to connect deeply with others.
  • Aquarians, despite their independent nature, possess a profound sense of compassion and a desire to create a better world for everyone.
  • Dolphins symbolize the Aquarian spirit of humanitarianism, reminding us of the importance of empathy, understanding, and fostering harmonious connections among all beings.
Photo Credits: Scottslm


  • The woodpecker is known to be fiercely independent and unafraid to take on new challenges- just like Aquarians. They also have a knack for problem-solving and coming up with innovative solutions, gifts that many people with this zodiac sign  also possess.
  • Woodpeckers are also very intelligent and have a strong desire for exploration – two characteristics that Aquarians also value. The bright colors of the  woodpecker also reflect the often eccentric and colorful nature of Aquarians.
Photo Credits: Thelucky1602 – Pixabay


  • Finally, just like Aquarians, Raccoons are known for their cleverness, resourcefulness and adaptability in navigating different environments. They have the ability to find creative solutions to obtain what they need and overcome obstacles.
  • As spirit guides, they inspire us to think outside the box and find unconventional approaches to overcome obstacles in our lives.
  • Raccoons are known for their cleverness and problem-solving skills. They remind us to tap into Aquarian energy by being adaptable, quick-thinking, and approaching problems with an innovative mindset.

Reflection Journals for Aquarius

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