Astrology Readings

Astrology Natal Chart Reading - $100

This is a 60-minute in-depth interpretation of your natal chart using the Western Astrology Whole Sign System. Intimate aspects of your soul and life’s purpose will be revealed during the session and intuitive guidance offered on how to handle life’s challenges and maximize your talents to achieve your goals.

Astrology Natal Chart Reading with Transits - $160

This is a 90-minute, deep dive into your natal chart which includes all aspects mentioned above, as well as the current transiting energies. This means that we are able to look at what is happening now in your life in the present and can predict the future energy transits to guide you through the current and upcoming year more specifically. We combine the soul’s blueprint and clarity around your life purpose with current intuitive guidance on how to handle relevant and upcoming energies in the most empowered way.

Year Ahead Forecast - Transits Update (existing customers only) - $100

This is a 60-minute session where we look at the current planets transiting your chart and the impact of these energies in specific areas or themes of your life for the upcoming year. You will be guided on what to expect for the year and encouraged to integrate certain energies, tools, and awareness to help you navigate the astrological forecasts in the best and most integrated way possible.