Best Human Design Books and Resources

Best Human Design Books and Resources

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When our curiosity is sparked and we want to explore a new subject, sometimes it is hard to know where to start. Below is a list of Human Design Books and resources that I highly recommend and reference frequently. These are truly my “Go-To’s” for all things Human Design and I will update this list as I discover new resources.


Human Design: The Revolutionary System That Shows You Who You Came Here to Be

  • Written by Jenna Zoe
  • Where to buy – AMAZON LINK 
  • Why I recommend this book:
    • If you want a book that is great for beginners and is easy to read, this is the perfect book. If you want a deeper dive into each of the Gates or “Gifts” in your chart this is also an excellent resource. Jenna does a great job explaining how to lean into your design in a very practical way.
    • This book also includes the following:
      • How to get aligned for your energy type
      • Practical tips for leaning into your strategy and authority including what those “voices” sound like
      • Detailed description of the Profiles
      • Details on the gates or gifts including how to “flex” a gift and the things that might “block” the gift.

Human Design: The Definitive Book of Human Design, The Science of Differentiation

  • Written by Ra Uru Hu and Linda Bunnell
  • Where to buy – AMAZON LINK
  • Why I recommend this book:
    • This book is not an easy read because it is a more “academic” explanation of human design. That said, it really *IS* the definitive book on human design because it was written by the creator of Human Design – Ra Uru Hu. Because of this, I do reference this book often and recommend it especially for those who want to make sure they are getting their information from the source.
    • This book includes the following:
      • Overview of the Human Design System, the Rave Manadala and the Bodygraph chart
      • Descriptions of the energy centers, authorities, energy types, definitions, profiles, circuits, channels and gates.
      • Sample chart overviews
      • Description of the hexagram / line descriptions

Incarnation Cross: A Guidebook of Purpose Archetypes : From Human Design and the Gene Keys

  • Written by Brynja Magnusson
  • Where to buy – AMAZON LINK
  • Why I recommend this book:
    • I discovered this book when I was seeking to understand the Incarnation Crosses in more detail. The thing I love about this book is that it not only discusses the overall themes of the  Incarnation Crosses in a way that is easy to digest but it also provides more indepth information of the gates. 
    • This book includes the following:
      • What is an incarnation cross and how this intersects with energy type
      • A several-page description of the Incarnation crosses
      • Information about the profiles and their gifts.


  • What can you find here?
    • A free bodygraph chart calculator
    • Affordable Human Design courses on MANY different topics including reader training
    • 1:1 Sessions with Human Design Readers
  • Why I recommend this website (and Jenna Zoe specifically)
    • First, Jena Zoe’s approach to Human Design is uplifting, practical and empowering. She is NOT dogmatic in her approach which is completely refreshing. She takes great care to put the “power” back into the hands of others by gently reminding how following strategy and authority is TRULY all we need to do. It is that simple…and that hard.
    • Courses I recommend:
      • “The Magic of Human Design”
      • “Emptying Out” (especially if you have a lot of open energy centers in your chart)
      • “Human Design Reader Training” (all levels)
      • “New Paradigm Part 1 and 2”
      • “Love and Human Design”

Jovian Archive

  • What can you find here?
    • Free Bodygraph chart calculator
    • Blog with many articles about Human Design
    • Courses done by the Human Design creator Ra Uru Hu
    • Shop where you can buy books, audio, videos and software.
    • List of Human Design Professionals and Organizations
  • Why I recommend this website?
    • This site contains Human Design resources and education that is done by the creator of Human Design, Ra Uru Hu. Like the 2nd book listed above, the information provided on this site is more “academic” and can sometimes be hard to understand but for those who are looking for information coming directly from the source – this is a great place to find it.


Myhumandesign App

  • What you can find here
    • A bodygraph chart calculator including a breakdown of your chart
    • Tips by energy type, strategy and authority
    • Weekly Q&A Jenna Zoe 
  • Why I recommend this app
    • I think what makes this app so special is the ability to ask questions via the weekly Q&A with the creator, Jena Zoe. There are also practical tips at your fingertips for leaning into your design. 


Human Design: Becoming Who You Came here to be

  • If you are looking for free content about Human Design this is a great podcast to listen to. Get into the nuances of Human Design and hear about topics such as…
    • What does a 100 work week look like for each of the energy types
    • How to know the difference between fear and intuition
    • How to Lean into your gifts
    • Human Design and the New Paradigm
    • Why we are not all designed to speak our mind
    • Freewill vs destiny 
    • How to love your body

DayLuna Human Design Podcast

  • Two Projectors discuss Human Design and related topics such as past lives, chakras, plant medicine, spirit guides and healing. I have been listening to this duo since 2019. Here are some topics…
    • Attracting Wealth with Human Design
    • Human Design Profiles, energy types, energy centers, strategy and authority.
    • Dating and relationships with Human Design
    • Setting boundaries
    • Parenting and Human Design

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