Best Tarot Books and Resources

Best Tarot Books and Resources

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When our curiosity is sparked and we want to explore a new subject, sometimes it is hard to know where to start. Below is a list of Tarot Books and resources that I highly recommend and reference frequently. These are truly my “Go-To’s” for all things tarot and I will update this list as I discover new things!


The Dark Wood Tarot Guidebook by Sasha Graham

  • Written by Sasha Graham
  • Where to buy – AMAZON LINK
  • Why I recommend this book:
    • The Dark Wood Tarot Guidebook is hands down one of the best guidebooks I have come across. I originally bought the deck because I thought the art was especially cool but then I saw the guidebook was so pleased. For each card, the author provides the theme of that card in one or two words. She shares the overarching meaning often through story which does a great job of giving the “energy” of the ard.. She provides the upright meaning of the card and the shadow (or reversed) meaning of the card. The last thing I really like about this guidebook is that the author includes questions to consider for each card which makes this guidebook especially helpful when reading for yourself.

Holistic Tarot: An Integrative Approach to Using Tarot for Personal Growth

  • Written by Benebell Wenn
  • Where to buy – AMAZON LINK
  • Why I recommend this book:
    • This book is a beast! It is 2 inches thick and has a WEALTH of information in it so it is a great reference book to have around. I so highly recommend this book that  I almost don’t have enough words to explain why. This book thoroughly covers the upright and reversed meanings of each card but it is SO MUCH more thant that. This book also includes…
      • History and theories around the tarot
      • How to choose your deck, connect with it and care for it
      • Anatomy of the Rider-Waite-Smith deck
      • Creating a personal journal of tarot including personal card meanings, reflections and how to develop a practice
      • Keywords for the Major and Minor Arcana including meanings
      • How to interpret the court cards
      • How to shuffle, cut and draw cards
      • Tarot spreads – how to read, use them, expand on them and create them
      • An in-depth “how to” for Tarot Readings including setting, questions, and ethical considerations
      • Meditation and the practice of tarot
      • Tarot and professional development
      • Using Tarot for Resilience
      • Professional practice of tarot and SO MUCH MORE

Tarot Spreads: Layout & Techniques to Empower Your Readings

  • Written by Barbara Moore
  • Where to buy – AMAZON LINK
  • Why I recommend this book:
    • This is my “go-to” book for tarot card layouts and spreads. What I really like about this book is that it is really well-organized and referenced. There is an index in the front of the book that organizes the layouts by topic so it is easy to find the layouts you are looking for. I especially love and often use the “Yes” / “No” question methods in this book
    • This book includes the following:
      • Tarot Spread Basics
      • How to set up your own layouts
      • 167 pages of spreads and layouts 
      • A cross-referenced index of spreads
      • A recommended reading list
      • Elemental Dieties
      • Old School Spreads
      • How to work with signifiers

Tarot: A New Handbook for the Apprentice 

  • Written by Eileen Connolly
  • Where to buy – AMAZON LINK
  • Why I recommend this book:
    • This book is linked to the “Connolly Tarot Deck” but you can buy it separate. This book was recommended to me by an expert that I know personally. This book is PACKED with all kinds of information including some of the more esoteric information about the cards. Its definitely a book tarot “nerds” would appreciate.  It has become a valuable resource that I reference when I am doing research on a particular card or looking for ideas on how to become a better reader.
    • This book includes the following:
      • Overviews of the Court Cards, the major and minor arcana.
      • Explanations of each card in the deck and understanding these archetypes as mentors
      • Divination “how to”
      • The cards and the concept of time

Tarot for Dummies 

  • Written by Amber Jayanti
  • Where to buy – AMAZON LINK
  • Why I recommend this book:
    • This is honestly the first book I bought on the subject of tarot. The reason is because I was new to the craft and I really just wanted a book that would give me the basics. This book is great for people who are just starting out and they just want the basics in an easy-to-read format. The other thing I love about this book is that it includes lots of tips throughout. 
    • This book includes the following and much more:
      • History of the Taro, where doe it come from,  its archetypes and misconceptions
      • Who uses tarot decks?
      • Advice on how to shop for a deck
      • Prepping for a reading and guidance on how to interpret the cards
      • Meaning of the cards including how to work with the court cards
      • Using tarot layouts and spreads

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