Monthly Budget Tracker Layout for Bullet Journal

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In this post, I walk through a monthly budget tracker layout. I have been tracking my monthly budget via a spreadsheet for a long time now and this is the layout that I use.

Excel Worksheet to Track Monthly Budget
Monthly Budget Tracker Layout for Bullet Journal

This layout can also be created in a bullet journal or DIY Planner.

Purpose of this Tracker

  1. Capture total monthly income (at the top)
  2. List recurring or predictable monthly expenses including the estimated amount and due date.
  3. Total of predictable monthly expenses
  4. Amount left over after monthly expenses are considered
    • Total income – total monthly expenses
  5. In a separate table, I also track non-monthly expenses such as quarterly or annual expenses (e.g., Car BMV Plate renewals, annual subscription services)

How I use this tracker for budgeting

  • I initially set up this tracker so I could have an understanding of monthly / recurring expenses and so I could have a way to remind myself of annual or quarterly expenses and when they are due.
  • I will update this tracker periodically throughout the year so I have an idea of how much I am spending and to make sure I am still on track.
    • Income and expenses can change over time so updating this tracker based on real-life changes helps me keep things on track.
    • It also helps me know when I need to pivot. For example, am I spending too much and need to adjust? Do I now have a little extra income and there is an opportunity to pay off more debt or send more money to savings each month?
  • I have also used this tracker to play with numbers to help me make decisions about hypothetically situations. For example, if we spend $500 more on a mortgage payment what does that look like for us?

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