Carpe F-ing Diem Planner Walk-Through

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Carpe F-ing Diem Planner

This 2021 Planner / Calendar is not for the faint of heart. If you swear like a sailor and have a dark sense of humor this might be a fun option for 2021.

Carpe F-ing Diem Features

  • Under $20 at the time of purchase
  • Pre-dated 2021
  • 8.5” x 6”
  • Hardcover
  • Spiral bound
  • Closure band
  • Calendar starts in August 2020 and runs through December 2021
  • 4 pages of stickers


  • 2020 and 2021 Year at a glance
Year at a Glance
  • Monthly goals page
Monthly Goals
  • Monthly view
Monthly View
  • Weekly / daily views with a “Sh!t to remember” space
Weekly / Daily View
  • 2 blank pages at back for notes
  • 4 sticker pages
2 Pages of these stickers
Additional Stickers
Additional Stickers

You might like this planner if you…

  • Want something small and simple – monthly calendar, weekly / daily views with a little space for lists and notes
  • Swear like a sailor, have a dark sense of humor and want funny reminders / motivational statements.
  • Don’t need a lot of writing space for goals – just tracking for appointments and light journaling
  • Love stickers

You may NOT like this planner if you…

  • Need a lot of writing space 
  • Want a specific structure to help you set goals
  • Are uncomfortable with swear words and foul language

This planner can be purchased here

2021 Carpe F*cking Diem Planner / Calendar (paid link)

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