Channel of Abstraction (47-64) Human Design

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How to know if you have Channel 47-64 activated in your bodygraph chart

  • Go to and go to “Get Your Chart”.
  • Input your birth details including birth day, birth time, birth location.
    • NOTE – Information in the bodygraph chart is VERY sensitive to birth time so it is important to have an accurate birth time if possible.
  • Look at the Ajna and Crown Energy Center in the bodygraph chart. If Gate 47 in the Ajna Energy Center is connected to Gate 64 with a colored line (not white) this means this channel is activated and the energetics of it are consistently available to you.

What are the Channels in Human Design?

  • The Channels in a Human Design body graph chart represent the gifts, talents, motivations, energetics or drives that are consistently available to us. If you DO NOT have a channel fully activated or colored it doesn’t mean you never have access to that energy. It just means it’s not a reliable or constant energy in your life.
  • Lastly, it is worth noting that there are MANY layers to all aspects of the chart including the gates. This article is intended to be a high level summary.

How the Channels Can Show Up Energetically in our Life

  • We can use the energy of a channel in a positive or negative way towards ourselves and/ or other people.
  • We may embody the energy with lack and/or fear OR we can embody the energy with truth and abundance.
  • Because of external conditioning we have encountered, we may shy away from the energy and choose NOT to see it as a part of ourselves. We may not want to embrace it and shut it down instead.

What does a Black Line vs. a Red Line vs. a Striped Line Indicate? 

  • Black Lines represent gifts that we are likely more conscious and aware of.
  • Red Lines represent gifts that we are likely less conscious and aware of.
  • Striped (both black and red) lines represent gifts that are both conscious and unconscious.

eBook – The Channels in Human Design

The Channels in Human Design

Channel of Abstraction (47-64)

The Channel of Abstraction (47-64) connects Crown and Ajna Energy Centers

Themes Associated with the Channel of Abstraction

  • The energy of this channel is about closure and making sense of the past.
  • Gate 47 looks to Gate 64 for the insights and revelations that will bring temporary peace to your mental processing. Gate 64 looks to Gate 47 for clarity so that confusion becomes imagination, creativity and brilliance.

High Expression of the Channel of Abstraction

  • You may experience a pressure to sift through all of the mental images that come from every experience you have had. You may even find yourself analyzing your dreams. This is a pressure to make sense of the past and gain perspective. 
  • You have a very active and experiential mind that never stops playing with possibilities. You probably wonder if your mind will ever stop being so busy.
  • Stuff often makes sense to you and you can’t explain why. There is a need to recognize that you are wise and you should not  feel a need to justify it. Don’t allow others to question you.
  • This energy is about standing your ground and owning what you just KNOW. People with this energy in their chart should find a way to share their minds with the outside world.

Challenge Side of the Channel of Abstraction

  • You may experience confusion as a result of the constant swirl of images that are always moving through your mind. This confusion can mark the beginning of a new but inspired journey for you because you will discover what really does make sense.
  • Try to be patient with your discovery process. Your reward for being patient will be clarity, an inspiring story to tell, or a new perspective to share with other people.
  • The channel is not about solving your own problems or making sense of your own life. Your insights will benefit others.
  • Do not succumb to the pressure that you need to explain why something just makes sense to you. If someone questions how you know something, you do not need to explain. Trust in the fact you just know.

Articles Dedicated to the Gates in this Channel 

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