Channel of Concentration (9-52) Human Design

Channel of Concentration (9-52) Human Design

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How to know if you have Channel 9-52 activated in your bodygraph chart

  • Go to and go to “Get Your Chart”.
  • Input your birth details including birth day, birth time, birth location.
    • NOTE – Information in the bodygraph chart is VERY sensitive to birth time so it is important to have an accurate birth time if possible.
  • Look at the Root and Sacral Energy Centers at the bottom middle of the chart. If Gate 52 in the Root Energy center is connected to Gate 9 with a colored line (not white) this means this channel is activated and the energetics of it are consistently available to you. (see graphic below)

What are the Channels in Human Design?

  • The Channels in a Human Design body graph chart represent the gifts, talents, motivations, energetics or drives that are consistently available to us. If you DO NOT have a channel fully activated or colored it doesn’t mean you never have access to that energy. It just means it’s not a reliable or constant energy in your life.
  • Lastly, it is worth noting that there are MANY layers to all aspects of the chart including the gates. This article is intended to be a high level summary.

How the Channels Can Show Up Energetically in our Life

  • We can use the energy of a channel in a positive or negative way towards ourselves and/ or other people.
  • We may embody the energy with lack and/or fear OR we can embody the energy with truth and abundance.
  • Because of external conditioning we have encountered, we may shy away from the energy and choose NOT to see it as a part of ourselves. We may not want to embrace it and shut it down instead.

What does a Black Line vs. a Red Line vs. a Striped Line Indicate? 

  • Black Lines represent gifts that we are likely more conscious and aware of.
  • Red Lines represent gifts that we are likely less conscious and aware of.
  • Striped (both black and red) lines represent gifts that are both conscious and unconscious. 

eBook – The Channels in Human Design

The Channels in Human Design

Channel of Concentration  (9-52) 

The Channel of Concentration (9-52) connects Root Energy Center and the Sacral Energy Center

  • For an article dedicated to the Root Energy Center CLICK HERE
  • For an article dedicated to the Sacral Energy Center CLICK HERE

Themes Associated with the Channel of Concentration 

  • The energy of this channel is logic, focus and concentration.
  • Stillness gives you the potential to use your energy in a very focused way.
  • Gate 52 looks to Gate 9 for knowing which activities and interests to concentrate on.  Gate 9 looks to Gate 52 for the stillness and focus needed to pursue the interests and activities that are in alignment.

High Expression of the Channel of Concentration 

  • You can be incredibly logical and focused.
  • You are someone who takes action that is well thought through. You do not act just for the sake of it. You are the person who reminds the rest of us that not all action is created equal.
  • You have a heightened ability to sit still and focus and you have the ability to still your physical body and outer senses in order to use your energy in a precise and focused way.

Challenge Side of the Channel of Concentration

  • You may become restless or depressed if there is nothing interesting for you to concentrate on.
  • Being in a situation where you must focus your energy on many different things may be incredibly frustrating to you especially if these things are not in alignment. When you have entered your commitments correctly by following your strategy, you will enjoy mastering the things you have committed to.

Articles Dedicated to the Gates in this Channel 

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