7 – Chariot Tarot Card Meaning

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Chariot Tarot Card Meaning
Tarot Apokalypsis by Erik C. Dunne and Kim Huggens (paid link)

This post covers the Chariot Tarot Card Meaning in the traditional tarot deck.

Planet: N/A

Astrology: Cancer

Element: WATER: Feeling, action of emotions, love and affection, dreams, fantasies, pleasure, friendship, social activity, romance, receptivity, nurture and sustainment, protection, empathy, merge, flow, and yield

Hermetic Kabbalah Element: 18 Cheth


  • Cancer energy
  • Moving forward, progress, quick but controlled movement
  • Directed, control, determination, willpower
  • Triumph, victory, the successful outcome of using every resource available
  • A call to action, make a decision
  • Literal travel
  • Focus on material goals through effort.
  • Mastery through change.
Chariot Tarot Card Meaning

Chariot Tarot Card Meaning In a reading:

  • This card is most often read as the triumph of willpower. The core meaning is being able to handle a difficult situation where opposing forces are not letting the querent do what they want. It can mean applying force (mental, emotional or physical). Or it can mean acknowledging that force alone is not working, another approach is needed.
  • Important to exercise self-discipline.
  • With continued effort you can win the day and be triumphant.
  • If considering change it can mean move ahead, go forth.
  • A warrior aspect of the card. It can mean the querent is being called to be a warrior. Disciplined, practice a craft, harnessing power of self and/or the body.
  • There may be a calling to develop a code of conduct and develop a field of study or other discipline. Approaching a subject with rigor and being disciplined.
  • Nothing left to prove to anyone else – is it time to coast? Sit with themselves and ask “what now? what do I really want?” The chariot card can be a “channel” for the energetics of discipline and developing a craft. Integration is key to any thing we are working on – lessons, spiritual stuff, psychological, shadow, (a taste of what alchemy can look like). With chariot – ask what do I need to integrate.
  • Can mean literal travel.
  • Can also refer to metaphoric travel – ready for a departure. Primed for it. Try to connect with own spiritual high mindedness – “where am I ready to beyond?” “Where have I been boxed in or boxed myself in?”

Symbolism in card:

  • Crescent moons (Hierophant) – what is becoming;
  • Square – will
  • Armor (Emperor)
  • Stars / symbols (High Priestess)- divine will / connection
  • Wand (Magician);
  • No reins – man controlling through sheer will power.
  • Crown (Empress) – success, victory
  • Black and white animals – light / dark duality.
  • Standing – action.
  • River – going with the flow.
  • The Fool finds willpower of youthful confidence —> leads to success.
  • Sphinxes or Lingam / yoni (Lovers).
  • Chariot is most often seen at rest, like it is already the champion.
  • Number “7” – spiritual change.
  • Cancer – protection, refuge and safety. Working on behalf of what you love family / home.

High expression:

  • Being able to handle a difficult situation.
  • Mastery of a craft through healthy discipline
  • Work in line with higher self

Shadow side:

  • Wrong use of energies and talent.
  • Possible unfairness, pressure or force.
  • Not working to the point you are sick or not getting enough sleep.
  • Lack of discipline, lack of will. Not going after what you want.
  • Obsession, addicted to work.
  • Imposter syndrome. Are you trying to prove your worth to someone else? Is your work connected to your higher self?

Magical uses:

  • Magical practices that increase willpower or discipline. For example, doing a practice everyday for a full moon cycle.
  • Protection spells. Protecting energy field.
  • Shadow work. “Are you afraid of failure or afraid of success?”

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The Hermetic Tarot by Godrey Dowson (paid link)

The Tarot Apokalypsis deck can be purchased here – LINK.

The Hermetic Tarot deck can be purchased here – LINK.

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