Clockwork Reader Journal Walk-Through

Clockwork Reader Journal Walk-Through

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In this post, I am going to walk-through the Clockwork Reader Journal Reading journal created by Hannah Azerang. You may find this journal in your local bookstore or in an online store. My intention is to show you what is inside the journal so you can decide if this one might work for you.

I also have a video flip-through of this journal  (linked above). 

Before I get into the walk-through I will share ONE of MY favorite fiction books with you: 

The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell – LINK

I have read this book at least 4 times! This book is a favorite because it is intelligent, surprising and engaging and it makes you ponder the definition of morality.  It is about a Jesuit priest who is also a linguist – he knows many languages and can learn new ones quickly. And this is why he is chosen to make first contact with extraterrestrial life. Contact is made and there is a series of small misunderstandings that cascades into a horrific and unexpected outcome.

Overview of the Clockwork Reader Journal

  • Perfect for recording your thoughts on 100 books (print or audiobooks)
  • There is space to personalize your journal for each entry
  • Space to plan your reading goals and document your stats
  • A recommended booklist from Hannah is included
  • Track your favorite books and quotes

About the Author

  • Hannah has a youtube channel that is dedicated to all things reading and books. I highly recommend checking it out!
  • CLICK HERE FOR A LINK TO the Clockwork Reader Youtube Channel

What is inside the Clockwork Reader Journal?

  • Sample journal entry
  • List of Hannah’s Favorite Books
  • Space to document your favorite books
  • Reading Goals and Stats Page
  • “To Be Read” Reading List (4 pages)
  • “What to read next?” – A space to help you decide what to read next if you are having trouble deciding
  • 100 Journal entry pages – 1 two-page spread for 100 books
    • Author
    • Narrator
    • Format
    • Star rating
    • Date Started
    • Date Finished
    • Genre
    • Number of Pages
    • Recommended by
    • What is your favorite quote?
    • Where were you when you read this book?
    • Most Memorable Scene?
    • Would you recommend this book? Why?
    • What did you learn from this book?
  • “Favorite Authors” pages
  • “Favorite Quotes” pages
  • “Most Anticipated Book Releases” tracker pages
  • “Books to Reread” list
  • “Favorite Childhood books” list
  • “Books to Screen” list
    • Document your favorite movies that were adapted from book titles
  • “Favorite Movies” list
  • “Favorite TV Shows” list
  • List of Hannah’s Reading Playlist
    • Background music to set the tone for a good read
  • Document your own Music List for Reading
  • “Where I get my books” list
    • Document the locations where you buy your books (online or storefront)
  • “Favorite Bookish Creators”
    • Document your favorite book YouTubers and content creators. 

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