Color vs No Color in a Human Design Bodygraph Chart

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Color vs. No Color in a Human Design Bodygraph Chart

Human Design Chart Meanings Library

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Defined (Color) vs. Undefined (No Color) Centers in a Bodygraph Chart

Color vs. No Color in a Human Design Bodygraph Chart
  • When an energy center, gate or channel has color this is considered “defined”. Wherever there is no color, this is considered “open” or “undefined”
    • Definition / Color in a Chart
      • Wherever we are defined (or have color) in a chart is where we have energetics we can rely on. They are our drives, talents, traits and gifts.
      • The energy in our defined areas is reliable and consistently available to us.
      • Color in a chart shows us the talents, gifts and traits we can rely on and lean into.
      • Wherever we have color shows us where we are less likely to pick up on the energetics of others and likely have a buffer to external conditioning.
    • Open / White areas in a Chart
      • Undefined or white areas are places where we can flow a bit and try different aspects on. (It doesn’t mean we are never that.) Our open areas are where we receive information, reflect, channel and amplify energies from the outside world.
      • These areas are were we develop our wisdom through lessons and experiencing variety in our life.

Gates & Channels

  • Wherever we have a completely defined channel that connects two energy centers, we can do the completion of that energetic process ourselves. Anytime connecting gates both have color this is considered a “channel”.
  • Anytime one gate has color and the corresponding gate does not have color – this is considered a “hanging gate”.

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Disclaimer: Human Design is a very complex system and this description is not intended to be comprehensive.

Reference Human Design: The Definitive Book of Human Design, The Science of Differentiation by Ra Uru Hu (paid link)

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