Communication in Relationships through the Lens of Human Design

Communication in Relationships through the Lens of Human Design

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When it comes to communication in relationships, the Human Design system offers a framework of understanding through the throat energy center. The throat center is the epicenter of expression in the bodygraph chart and it influences how we articulate our thoughts and convey our truths to the world. In this article, I summarize how understanding the Throat Energy Center plays a role in understanding and improving communication in our relationships.

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Open (or white) Throat Energy Center  

If the throat energy center is white in a bodygraph chart (see image above) this energy center is considered “open”.

What it means

  • An open throat lacks a consistent, fixed way of channeling energy, making it receptive to the influences of energy in the surrounding environment. 
  • This person is designed to be a voice for others and this is a powerful tool because they can be an advocate for other people. They have the natural ability to express things in the way that best meets the needs of who they are communicating with at that moment (e.g. Oprah becomes the voice for the room when she goes on stage). This is because they are innately aware of the nuances of communication which makes them skilled at tuning into the collective energy and adapting their voice accordingly.

Challenges of an Open Throat Energy Center

  • This flexibility can also pose challenges for a few reasons. First, they don’t have their own specific truth to speak. They are designed to remain silent until they are recognized, invited, or asked to share something. 
  • Secondly, those with an open throat may find themselves susceptible to the energies of others, potentially adopting different communication styles to please or conform to the environment around them. This is something they should embrace and understand about themselves. 
  • Lastly, this person should lean into holding space to “witness” conversations even when they feel the pressure to speak. They should WAIT for someone to ask for their input and consider the other ways they give to the world that come easy for them in ways that are not expressed through the voice. They should start emphasizing these gifts. Other modalities for expressing their truth are writing, poetry, dance (body movement), acting (channeling characters and other voices), and artistic expression (traditional or untraditional). 
  • Overall, the open Throat Energy Center is more about advocating for others versus speaking their own truth. 

How an open throat center is applicable in relationship communication

If you and/or your partner have an open throat consider the following:

  • In an argument, this person will want to stick to expressing objective statements and avoid statements like “I feel this way” or “I think this or that”. They will want to rise above the argument and see it objectively. Instead saying things like “It appears that we are disagreeing on these two things.” 
  • It may be difficult for this person to say stuff on demand and they are not always the best representative of their own opinions, thoughts, and feelings. Sometimes they can be but not all of the time – it will be inconsistent. Be sure to extend yourself and/or your partner grace especially when it seems like there is a lack of clarity in what is trying to be communicated. 
  • Because they are here to share in ways that don’t involve speaking, they should lean into physical touch, hugging, silence, or being present.
    • Those with an open throat may find it beneficial to lean into their Strongest Sense especially when interacting with others. If you don’t know your Strongest Sense you can find it by using the link below to pull up your Human Design Bodygraph chart.
  • If your partner has an open-throat energy center, ask their thoughts or opinions about things (invite them) when you want to know what they are thinking, feeling etc. Don’t expect them to read your mind or just offer their thoughts uninvited.

Defined Throat Energy Center 

If the throat energy center is colored in a bodygraph chart (see image above) this energy center is considered “defined”.

What it means

  • A defined Throat energy center has consistent energy that it is designed to express. 
  • This person is designed to speak their own truth through their voice. They speak with a voice that is consistent and others may find this predictability comforting.  To understand exactly WHAT a person is designed to share we need to look at how the circuitry is connected in the bodygraph chart.  For example, if the Ajna Center is connected to the Throat Center, they will speak their mind and opinions. 
  • In the example chart above you will see that this person has the following channel connections:
    • 1-8 (connecting the G-Center to the Throat)
    • 20-10 (connecting the G-Center to the Throat)
    • 20-34 (connecting the Sacral Energy Center to the Throat)
  • Throat Channel Connections are listed below with links to descriptions. The channel connection description will give you an idea of what the person is designed to CONSISTENTLY express. 

Challenges of a Defined Throat Energy Center

  • Because the way they speak is more consistent they may not be able to shift how they share information in a way that everyone can understand it. They may also encounter scenarios where not everyone is interested in hearing what they have to share in the way they are DESIGNED to share, which can leave them feeling misunderstood at times.

How a defined throat energy center is applicable in relationship communication

  • When communicating it is important to understand that a defined Throat Energy person will be gifted at sharing their truth in specific ways which are dependent on their channel connections. They will need grace and understanding when they are sharing things from energy centers that are NOT connected to throat center. See examples below…
    • Scenario 1 – The Throat Energy Center is connected to the Ajna or Mind Center but there is NO connection to the Solar Plexus Energy Center which is the emotional center. In this scenario, this individual will find it easy to share their opinions, point of view and perspectives about things going on in their life but they may struggle to consistently share their emotional experiences in a way that is clear or understandable. 

  • Scenario 2 – The Throat Energy Center is connected to Splenic Energy Center but there is NO connection to the sacral energy center. In this example, this individual is designed to speak from their instincts and survival intuition about what they think or intuit what the problem is. What does their instincts tell them about what is going on in a situation. Does something feel right? Is it worth it? They are also best heard when they are invited to share about their intuitive insights. But because their Sacral Energy Center is NOT connected to the Throat they may be inconsistent in how they communicate about work, what they love to do and relationships.

  • Scenario 3 – The Throat Energy Center is connected to the Ego or Heart Energy Center but it is NOT connected to the G-Center. In this scenario, they are here to express what they want. They may often start sentences with “I” and talk about themselves a lot. They have the potential to display their ego in a negative way, but it doesn’t have to be seen negatively if they are in a place to surrender who they are to serve something bigger than themselves individually (i.e. they can provide resources for other people). Sometimes people may shut them down by saying “stop talking about yourself” but this is how they were designed to share. Because their Throat center is NOT connected to the G-Center they may be inconsistent in sharing from the depth of who they are. They may struggle knowing or speaking about their purpose in life and which direction they are going. This is because they are designed to be more flexible and their purpose in life is NOT meant to be boxed in.

Possible Throat Channel Connections

How to Find Your Human Design Chart 

  • Go to and go to “Get Your Chart”.
  • Input your birth details including birth day, birth time, and birth location.
    • NOTE – Information in the bodygraph chart is VERY sensitive to birth time so it is important to have an accurate birth time if possible.

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