Creating Digital Products Fast – How I Started Creating Digital Products Quickly

Creating digital products fast - How I started creating digital products quickly

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In 2021, I was interested in creating digital products fast because I had quit my corporate job and wanted to learn how to create a digital planner for myself. I have always been frustrated in finding a planner that fits my brain and my working style so I was determined to create a custom planner for myself moving forward. 

After doing some searching, I discovered this course called the Digital Template Kit and it was instrumental in helping me create my first digital planner. Not only that, but I have been able to take the template and resources provided in this course and create non-planner items such as digital workbooks and journals. 

I want to offer you full disclosure before I go any further – the links I provide in this blog post ARE affiliate links meaning that I will receive a small commission if you decide to purchase this course from the links. This is AT NO EXTRA COST to you. 

I just want to share this resource in case anyone else is interested and share my honest thoughts about this course.

The “Digital Template Kit” 

  • Creators – Michelle Rohr & Aimee Johanan 
    • Both of these women have successful Etsy shops and have sold thousands of digital planners.
  • What is included in this course
    • Digital Planner template that can be customized using “Apple Keynote” for Mac computers or “Affinity Publisher” for Mac or PC computers. 
    • Beginner-friendly, step-by-step tutorials walk you through how to customize the template to meet your needs. These tutorials also include how to decorate the digital planner to your taste.
    • Custom-made digital paper textures will enhance the look of the planners you create
    • 8 realistic coils in the following colors – gold, black, and grey.
    • 39 Canva templates that you may use to make graphics to showcase and sell your planner on Etsy etc.
    • 16 Canva templates for Pinterest
    • 14 templates for Etsy shop banners
    • A commercial license so you can sell the digital planners that you make from their template. There are no restrictions so you can sell as many as you like
  • Additional information for this course can be found hereCLICK HERE

What I like about this course – The Pros 

  • The price point for this course was reasonable and felt low risk to me.
  • I was able to use take this course and immediately create my own custom, digital planner using Apple Keynote. (See image above)
  • I love it that this template has tabs like a regular notebook to allow for easy navigation. These tabs can also be modified in creative ways to really customize your own experience.
  • I appreciated the guidance Michele and Amy offer about how to find and use graphics to decorate a digital planner. This was a piece that has always eluded me. 
  • The step-by-step instructions are well done and it was easy to follow along to create and customize my own digital planner.
  • I really like that I always have access to this template to use a starting point to create other digital projects such as workbooks and journals. 

Other Thoughts Including Cons

  • You will need to decide which software works best for you. “Apply Keynote’ is free for Mac users whereas “Affinity Publisher” needs to be purchased.
  • The template can only be customized on a computer or laptop (not on a tablet) because it needs the software.
  • I never used the realistic coils in the creation of my own planner so I cannot speak to those. 
  • I did share some of my planners on Etsy in case anyone else would be interested in purchasing them but I didn’t have great results. I attribute this more to a lack of marketing on my part more than anything else. (I saw it more of a “side project” for me so I didn’t put a lot of effort into it.)

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