Crystals Journal Walk Through

Crystals Journal Walk Through

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In this post, I am going to walk through the Crystals Journal created by Quinn Bouley. You may find this journal in your local bookstore or in an online store. My intention is to show you what is inside the journal so you can decide if this one might work for you.

I also have a video flip-through of this journal  (linked above).

Overview of the Crystals Journal

  • Explore crystals from their physical and metaphysical properties to their healing aspects.
  • Learn to incorporate chakras, the zodiac, grids, moon phases and color energies into your crystal practice
  • 192 Pages Total with about 50 two page spreads dedicated to documenting the details of your crystals guided by prompts
  • This journal does have a ribbon bookmark as well.

What is inside the Crystals Journal? 

  • CRYSTAL CARE including how to…
    • Choose a crystal
    • Clear and charge your crystals
    • Program and activate your crystals
    • Maintain your crystals
    • Crystals in your home and office
    • Wearing and carrying crystals including talismans
    • Meditating with crystals
    • Crystals and Magic including how to record crystal charms and spells and protecting your home
    • Chakra balancing layouts including how to record them
    • Explore remedies for anxiety, cleansing or recharging
    • Record gem essence recipes
    • How to record your crystal grids
    • Chakras
    • Zodiac Signs
    • Internal crystal structures
    • External crystal structures
    • Color energies
    • Moon phases
    • Images of crystals chakra association and basic information about each one
  • Crystal Journal entry pages (for 50 crystals)
    • Name plus space to insert a pic or drawing of the crystal
    • Date of Acquisition
    • Place (where did you get the crystal or who gave it to you?)
    • Water friendly? Or Sunlight friendly?
    • Hardness
    • Chakra (association)
    • Crystalline structure
    • Country of origin
    • Quick Reference Grid for
      • Mental / Emotional Properties
      • Physical Properties
      • Spiritual Properties
    • Intuitive vibe (how does the crystal feel to you?)
    • Uses (how will you utilize this stone in your life?)
    • Notes  (Use this section for whatever you wish)
    • Affirmation (build a personal relationship with the crystal by creating an affirmation or mantra)
  • My Crystal Wishlist
  • Resources section including books and websites with space to add your own resources.

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