Dating for Reflectors

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In this article, I am sharing how to leverage your energy type as a Reflector Energy Type when it comes to dating and navigating connections with new people. It is also worth noting that information also applies to finding new friends.

As always, this is a high-level review because it is only possible to dig into all of the nuances by sitting in front of a specific bodygraph chart. 🙂 

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Dating for Reflector Energy Type

How to Find Your Energy Type 

  • Go to and go to “Get Your Chart”.
  • Input your birth details including birth day, birth time, and birth location.
    • NOTE – Information in the bodygraph chart is VERY sensitive to birth time so it is important to have an accurate birth time if possible.

Energy Types and Dating

  • The most important advice Human Design can offer when it comes to dating is to honor your strategy and authority as you are moving through the world and meeting new people. 
  • For those who are new to Human Design…
    • Strategy is linked to your energy type and it tells you how you are designed to use your energy to attract the things that are meant for you in life.
    • Authority is specific to your bodygraph chart and it tells you how you gain clarity to make decisions.
  • Simply following our strategy seems like something that won’t make a big impact. It may even feel ridiculous but in theory, the more we can lean into our strategy (and authority) and trust that it will lead us to the right places, opportunities, and people – the more flow we will experience in life including the dating journey. It doesn’t hurt to try this approach especially if you are not seeing the results you want. 
  • Since Authority is specific to your unique chart, I will focus on strategy in this article. See the information below for each energy type and how they can leverage their strategy when dating.


  • Reflector strategy is to “wait a lunar cycle”
  • The strategy “to wait a lunar cycle” sounds completely unrealistic to anyone reading this. Because Reflectors are lunar beings they are more connected to the energy of the moon than the sun. To be clear the 28-day lunar cycle doesn’t apply to small decisions. It applies to BIG decisions – consider how important is this decision to them.
  • The key to for waiting a lunar cycle is to allow time to flow and to get clarity on whether or not something is right for them or not. While they are waiting a lunar cycle, the moon will be lighting up different gates in their bodygraph which will give them information and they should note those intuitive hits. Then at the end, they do an assessment and ask themselves, do I feel expansive or contracted about the thing? Do I feel clear in my body?
  • The Reflector needs to become familiar with what it is like to trust themselves. 
  • Applying this strategy to dating
    • DO give yourself time and utilize the lunar cycle waiting period to get to know potential partners gradually. Avoid rushing into commitments or decisions, and let the natural flow of time reveal more about the person and the connection.
    • DO Observe Consistencies in a person’s energy.  During the waiting period, observe how consistent their energy and behavior are over time. Reflectors are highly sensitive to the energies of others, and by waiting, you can better discern whether someone’s energy aligns with your own over the long term.

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