Defined Ajna Energy Center in Human Design

Defined Ajna Energy Center in Human Design

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This article covers the defined Ajna Energy Center in Human Design. The word “defined” is also known as “closed” or “colored” in Human Design. When an energy center is “defined” or “colored” it means that it has a buffer against taking in energy from the outside world. All defined energy centers in a person’s chart are a source of consistent energy, gifts, and motivations that the individual can rely on. And, of course, there are challenges associated with each defined energy center as well. 

Defined Ajna Energy Center

The Ajna Energy Center

  • The Ajna Energy Center is the upside-down triangle located between the Crown and Throat Energy Center. It is the second energy center down from the top of the bodygraph chart.
  • This energy center  is an awareness processing center.  It analyzes information and has the potential to find completion or 
  • This energy center is about opinions, thoughts, concepts, beliefs, judgments, ideas, perspectives, and points of view.

The Defined (or colored) Ajna Energy Center

The Power of a Defined Ajna Center

  • This individual has a fixed and reliable way in which they process information. They are here to formulate a point of view and may feel certain of their options and theories.  The way they see things is a very important part of their purpose and why they are here. They must lean into their perspective and develop their point of view because it will play into their creativity. They may also find that sharing their opinions energizes them. 
  • The superpower of a defined Ajna is that this person can express concepts with certainty and consistency along with their potential for a photographic memory but this may be selective and limited to specific topics or aspects of their life. 
  • Their mind is designed to be consistent and reliable in the way that they analyze, memorize, and store information.

The Challenge of a Defined Ajna Center

  • Those with a defined Ajna can get stuck in one way of processing information and not be able to see another solution than the one they have come to. They should remember that even when they have certainty about something there is still some level of unknown so not everyone is going to agree with them. At times, they may be seen as “stubborn” or “prideful” in their point of view.
  • The key is for those with a defined Ajna center to talk to a friend who has an undefined Ajna so they can use their superpower to help them see another perspective.  They should remember to be open, listen to others, and know that there are many ways to contemplate or view information. 

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