Defined Crown Energy Center in Human Design

Defined Crown Energy Center in Human Design

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This article covers the defined Crown Energy Center in Human Design. The word “defined” is also known as “closed” or “colored” in Human Design. When an energy center is “defined” or “colored” it means that it has a buffer against taking in energy from the outside world. All defined energy centers in a person’s chart are a source of consistent energy, gifts, and motivations that the individual can rely on. And, of course, there are challenges associated with each defined energy center as well. 

Defined Crown Energy Center

The Crown Energy Center

  • The Crown Energy Center is the triangle located at the top of the bodygraph chart. 
  • Whether we have color in this center or not, the “pressure” from this center comes from the need to understand one’s existence in relation to the outside world.
  • This center is about inspiration and questioning things so when we are inspired, we will experience a pressure to find the answers to questions and act on dreams and ideas.

The Defined (or colored) Crown Energy Center

The Power of a Defined Crown Center

  • Individuals who have a defined Crown or Head Center are self-inspired and can inspire others. They can sit on their couch and be inspired out of nowhere. 
  • If this person wants to gain inspiration for their creative process, they should go and be by themselves in their own aura till it comes to them. 
  • Additionally, this person’s perspective can bring information to the world when they are not trying to figure out their own life. They are here to radiate inspiration, inspire others, and are the reason we have new ideas and innovations into the world.
  • Be sure to share your inspirations, they are a gift to others.

The Challenge of a Defined Crown Center

  • When the inspiration comes, this individual may experience a pressure to understand what their inspiration is all about and the challenge is to accept the mental pressure without trying to act on it or escape it. Confusion, doubt, and clarity are natural processes that have their own inner timing for resolution.
  • They may also feel pressure to share their inspirations with other people but they may not be not sure how to break the inspirations down in a way so others can understand it. 

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