Defined Ego Energy Center in Human Design

Defined Ego Energy Center in Human Design

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This article covers the defined Ego (or Heart) Energy Center in Human Design. The word “defined” is also known as “closed” or “colored” in Human Design. When an energy center is “defined” or “colored” it means that it has a buffer against taking in energy from the outside world. All defined energy centers in a person’s chart are a source of consistent energy, gifts, and motivations that the individual can rely on. And, of course, there are challenges associated with each defined energy center as well. 

Defined Ego Energy Center

The Ego (or Heart) Energy Center

  • The Ego Energy Center is the small triangle-shaped energy center located on the right side of the bodygraph chart. 
  • This center is also called the “Heart Center” because it is about a “heart-pull” and the motivation to go after the things we want. “I want this thing and this is how I am going to get it. There is an aspect of control.
  • It is also about willpower, making commitments, self-worth, and recognizing our own value especially when it comes to being on the material plane.
  • This center is also about fame and being seen or recognized on some level. 
  • The Ego Center is not an awareness center (no intuitive messages) – it just creates energy.

The Defined (or colored) Ego Energy Center

The Power of a Defined Ego (or Heart) Center

  • Only about 30% of people on the planet have a defined ego or heart center. 
  • In HD, “Ego” is not a bad guy. It is the energy of “Where do I end and you begin” and “World this is me and here I am.” The Ego creates the energy of – “Yes I want it. Let’s go get it. This is exciting or amazing.” 
  • Those with a defined Ego center tend to have strong, consistent motivation. They should honor their level of motivation as it is exactly what they need to be successful. They should not look to external voices telling them what their motivation level should be. (Motivation that is tied to being seen and achievement but not necessarily projects.) 
  • This person should spend time answering the question – “What is it I want out of life?” They should also be aware that their ego will want things but they will need to make day-to-day decisions by relying on their intuitive voice or authority. 
  • The defined Ego Center functions as a backup battery that can give them additional bursts of energy for periods of time. They can push through things even if they don’t really want to be doing them because they have consistent willpower.
  • Those with a defined Ego need to remember that whatever they are motivated by is consistently theirs and it makes their hunger infectious to other people who have an undefined ego. Others will feel more motivated in their aura. They should embrace their hunger level wherever it is. The more they can embrace their ego – when they win others will win too.

The Challenge of a Defined Ego (or Heart) Center

  • This individual should be aware that there may be times when they want something from their mind but if the ego doesn’t want it then there will be no movement in the world. It is only when they are doing things that are energetically correct for them that this center will give them an extra boost of energy. 
  • This person also needs to make friends with their wants in the physical world and a desire to be seen in some way.  They may need to clear shame or any blocks or stories around these wants.
  • They can push through something even when they don’t have the energy and burn themselves out.
  • It is important to schedule a time to rest because it allows them to recharge their willpower and make sure they’re not pushing through even when they need rest.
  • Finally, they should be gentle with their expectations of others because not everyone can do what they can. They should use their potential power and material wealth for a purpose greater than themselves.  A balanced expression of a defined Will Center can make a huge impact on the world.

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