Defined G-Center in Human Design

Defined G-Center

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This article covers the defined G-Center in Human Design. The word “defined” is also known as “closed” or “colored” in Human Design. When an energy center is “defined” or “colored” it means that it has a buffer against taking in energy from the outside world. All defined energy centers in a person’s chart are a source of consistent energy, gifts, and motivations that the individual can rely on. And, of course, there are challenges associated with each defined energy center as well.

Defined G-Center

The G- Center

  • The G-Center is the diamond-shaped energy center located in the middle of the bodygraph chart. 
  • The Magnetic Monopole lives here in the G-Center. The Magentic Monopole does one thing and that is it attracts love and beauty like a magnet. It knows where we are going and why we are here. It is pulling us through time and space and attracts the things that are specifically ours to experience in this lifetime. We may not trust this knowing and our mind starts telling us we need to go after things that are not in alignment with our true self.
  • If we honor our unique strategy and authority we will go exactly where we are destined to go and love who we are supposed to love.
  • This energy center is also about identity, love, and direction in life. Love of life and not necessarily romantic love. It is about all of the places that love can come from. When we tap into or use the gifts we have in the G-center, we will feel more love of life and our lives will feel full.

The Defined (or colored) G-Center

The Power of a Defined G-Center

  • These individuals have a strong sense of who they are and they tend to have a buffer against conditioning about who they are.
  • When they walk into new environments they don’t necessarily adapt their identity to suit the new environment. They are not looking to change and shift in this way.
  • Those with a defined G-Center have an internal compass and have consistent access to internal knowing IF they have learned to tune into this voice. They don’t rely on the external world for their purpose and the direction they need to go to experience a love of life.
  • This person won’t get as hung up on where they’re headed in life because they have an innate sense of their path. They know who they are even if it takes a little time to consciously recognize it.  They will have somewhat of a fixed menu of life but they can alter the toppings – the main dish stays the same.

The Challenge of a Defined G-Center

  • Those with a defined G-Center often struggle with self-acceptance.
  • While these individuals have a buffer, they can still encounter conditioning by others. When this happens and they reject their inner knowing and direction, they will often experience a sense of loss and may feel like they should just give up.
  • The key for these individuals is to accept who they truly are and express themselves in all that they do.

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