Definition and Circuitry in Human Design Bodygraph Chart

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Definition and Circuitry in a Human Design Bodygraph Chart

In this blog post, I walk through Definition and Circuitry in Human Design. Using an example Bodygraph Chart this post covers this subject at a high level. (For other posts in this series – see below)

Where to get your bodygraph chart?

If you are interested in getting your Human Design Bodygraph chart similar to the one above – please go to

What is Definition and Circuitry in Human Design?


What is definition

  • The term “definition” refers to how quickly the energetics in a chart are processed or flow through the chart. 

Definition Types

The image above shows examples of charts with Single Definition and Split Definition.

  • Single definition means that all of the energy centers are connected or “talking” to each other. There is an easy flow in the chart. 

  • Simple Split definition means that there are two “teams” in the chart. 
    • In the example chart above, you will notice two groups of energy centers are connected. The Root and the Solar Plexus Energy Centers are connected. And the Spleen and Sacral Energy Centers connected. 
    • “Simple” split refers to the fact that it would take 1 gate activation to make all of the energy centers connected and “talking to” each other. In the example provided, that gate could be gate 6 or gate 52.

  • Complex Split definition ALSO means that there are two “teams” in the chart. The difference is that the “teams” are further apart in the chart. The “teams” would not be connected by just 1 gate activation.
    • In the example provided, you will notice the two teams are: 1) the Root and Sacral Energy Centers and 2) the Throat, Ajna and Crown Energy Centers.

The image above shows examples of charts with Triple Split, Quadruple Split and No Definition.

  • Triple Split Definition means that there are three “teams” in the chart. 

  • Quadruple Split definition means that there are four “teams” in the chart. 

  • No Definition means that this individual is a Reflector energy type. They do not have any energy center defined or colored in.


What is circuitry?

  • Circuitry speaks to how the energy “flows” in a chart. Think about the flow of energy in the chart like an electrical system. The energy centers that are connected in a chart tells a story about the how the energy is designed to flow.
    • For example, if you look at Zahada’s chart above, her Root and Solar Plexus Energy centers are connected. This suggests is that she has a reliable way of processing emotions and expressing what is desirable especially when it come to social relationships

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If you are interested in all things Human Design, check out the Free Resource Library for free printable PDFs and digital products designed to support your Human Design Journey.

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