The Energy Center Types in Human Design

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The Energy Center Types in the Human Design System

Energy Center Types

The Energy Center Types in the Human Design System

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Pressure Center(s)

  • The Crown (Head) and Root Centers are both pressure centers.
  • This type of center will exert pressure by releasing information into the flow of the chart
  • For example, when we are inspired by a great idea (Crown) we may feel a pressure to create. Similarly, the Root offers us the pressure to evolve and adapt.

Motor Center(s)

  • The Root, Solar Plexus, Heart and Sacral are all motor centers.
  • Motor centers create momentum or energy in the body for the purpose of taking action.

Awareness Center(s)

  • The Spleen, Solar Plexus and Ajna are all awareness (or processing) centers
  • Awareness Centers process information and help us understand our the fears, emotions, experiences and patterns that are our own.

Identity & Sense Direction Center

  • The G-Center is the Identity and Sense of Direction Center
  • This type of center is all about the love of certain things, life, other people, and community. It also governs literal and figurative sense of direction.

Manifestation Center

  • The Throat Center is the Manifestation Center
  • This center is for communication, manifestation and speaking truths

Summary – Energy Centers and their Energetics

  • Crown or Head Center (Pressure) – Inspiration, anxiety, mental pressure
  • Ajna (Awareness) – Conceptualization
  • Throat (Manifestation) – Communication, manifestation, action
  • G – Center (Identify & Sense of Direction) – Identity, self, love, direction
  • Ego or Heart (Motor) – Ego, will power
  • Sacral (Motor) – Sexuality, life, creativity
  • Solar Plexus (Awareness & Motor) – Emotions, feelings, nervousness
  • Spleen (Awareness) – Intuition, instinct, fear, immune system
  • Root (Motor & Pressure) – Life fuel, pressure, stress

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Disclaimer: Human Design is a very complex system and this description is not intended to be comprehensive.

Reference – Human Design: The Definitive Book of Human Design, The Science of Differentiation by Ra Uru Hu (paid link)

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