Energy Centers in Human Design – Sacral vs. Ego (Heart)

Energy Centers in Human Design - Sacral vs. Ego Energy Centers

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In this article, I will discuss the difference between the sacral and ego (or Heart)  energy centers.  I am often asked this question in readings so I decided to dedicate an article to this topic. I also have a video on this topic linked below.

Quick disclaimer – these energy centers are both very complex and nuanced so just be aware that I am sharing an overview to highlight the differences between them.

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The Sacral Energy Center

  • This energy center is the creative life force. It supports our survival because it is here to create energy, create life and it is the source of nurturing instincts. Other themes associated with this energy center are sexuality, fertility, work, vitality, movement and persistence. 
  • This energy center is designed to respond to life and signal when something is a YES or NO. 
  • When this energy center is colored in (or defined) it can be an incredible source of power because it provides a reliable amount of energy needed to go after the thing that is lighting it up. Only GENERATORS and MANIFESTING GENERATORS will have a defined sacral. 
  • When this energy center is white (or undefined), it will be receptive and pick on the life-force energy of others who have defined sacrals and can leverage that energy for periods of time. Only MANIFESTORS, PROJECTORS and REFLECTORS will have an undefined sacral. 

The Ego (or Heart) Energy Center

  • This energy center is about willpower and self-esteem. This is not a creative energy – it is more about the WILL to survive and THRIVE on the material plane. The gates that are seated in this energy center are about ensuring the community has the right foundation, can meet challenges and is successful.
  • When this energy center is colored in (or defined) it can be a source of power in the sense that this person will recognize their own worth and what they bring to the table. They will have consistent access to willpower to do what they say they will do.
  • When this energy center is white (or undefined) these individuals will NOT have consistent access to willpower because the open heart center has nothing to prove to anyone. And this is the gift of an open Ego / Heart center – not having to prove you own worth to anyone. 

Comparing the Sacral and Ego Energy Centers 

  • Both are motor centers…
    • The Sacral actually generates life force energy that supports the creation of new things including humans.
    • The Ego / Heart is a drive to survive and thrive on the material plane.
  • Both energy centers are concerned with survival…
    • The Sacral Energy center is concerned with procreation, nurturing humans and creating bonds between humans.
    • The Ego (heart) Energy center is concerned about survival on the material plane. It wants to make sure the community has what it needs to survive but it ALSO wants to THRIVE.
  • Both energy centers have the potential to be an “AUTHORITY VOICE” in the chart.
    • For Generators and Manifesting Generators who have Sacral Authority – the voice shows up (in response)  as “HELL YES this thing is exciting to me”.
    • For Energy Types that have Heart Center or Ego Authority – the voice shows up as “Do I selfishly want this thing or not?”

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