Energy Type in Human Design

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Energy Type in Human Design?

If you don’t know your Human Design energy type go to Put in your birth details to generate your Human Design Bodygraph chart.

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Energy Type – Aura

The aura or energy field that surrounds our physical body extends about 2 -3 feet around us and interacts with the outside world including the energy of our fellow humans. In Human Design, the aura has a specific way it likes to work and comes into play in the following ways…

Self-acceptance and understanding our natural talents and gifts

As we interact with others, our aura will pick up on the energetics of other people and vice versa. When we don’t know the difference between the two (the self and the other) – this can lead to conditioning and situations where we are putting unnecessary pressure on ourselves to be something we are not. Knowing our Human Design and leaning into our gifts and talents is a mechanism by which we can embrace our authentic selves and our understanding of others.

Communicating our desires to the universe

The soul is always clear on what it wants but the aura may communicate mixed messages based on conditioning we experience. This can create confusion to the universe and when this happens, we may feel unsupported by the universe. The idea is to allow our aura to be clear so the universe can bring in all the things our soul desires. The more we lean into our strategy, talents and gifts the more clear our aura will be.

Energy Type – Strategy

In Human Design, each energy type has something called “Strategy”. Our strategy is how we attract the things we desire into our life. Everything we desire or are attracted to is not a coincidence. Our desires act as sign posts telling us where to go on this material plane. Everything we want is available to us but it is in an energetic holding pattern.

When we live in a way that is in alignment with our strategy…

  • The universe will make our desires available to us.
  • We are able to sift through any external conditioning and clear our aura to reveal what our soul really wants.
  • We are in the fast lane to getting what we want. 

Energy Type – Not Self

Human design also shows us the qualities that we embody when we are NOT living our design. Knowing the signs to look for when we are not aligned with your energy type gives us an opportunities to course correct.

Authority or Inner Knowing

In Human Design, our Inner Knowing (aka Authority) shows us on how to achieve clarity to make decisions.

Profile or Personality

Personality or “Profile” in Human Design is defined by 2 numbers from a chart. There is not anything that we have do with this information but when we understand this aspect of ourselves, we can remove any conditioning we may have had against it and live in the flow of it. These are also things we may want to celebrate and honor in ourselves.

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ReferenceHuman Design: The Definitive Book of Human Design, The Science of Differentiation by Ra Uru Hu (paid link)

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