Human Design Environment Types

Environment Types in Human Design

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In this article, I will share information regarding the 6 Environment Types in Human Design at a high level. In the Human Design Chart, the ideal environment information can be found in the arrows at the top of the bodygraph chart. Because the arrows are very sensitive to birth time it will be important to make sure you have your correct birth time when pulling up your chart.

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Key Points Regarding the 6 Environment Types

  • When you spend time in the right places you will see the things you are meant to see – activating synchronicities. 
  • When you are in your right environment you will experience aha moments and your mind feels inspired, clear or activated.
  • You may find that you are able to relax and be more yourself when you are in your ideal environment.
  • It is important to also be aware of the energies that other people bring  – you may or may not want to spend time with those energetics.


  • THEME: Safety and Control
  • This does not mean that you should literally go live in a cave but it does mean that you likely prefer to have some control over who you’re around, especially in environments you spend time in such as your home or workplace. Places where you feel safe and secure.
  • Embrace and lean into your need to have some control over your social settings in a balanced way. 
  • You will not meet your people by “putting yourself out there”. You will meet your people by being in caves that feel good to you.


  • THEME: Life happens in the workplace
  • You likely thrive in places where there are people coming together to work. For you,  life takes place in the workplace. This is where you come to life and get into the zone.
  • This can be a literal physical location or a virtual environment. 
  • You thrive in the activity of a group with a common direction – find the places that bring people together for a common goal or interest. 


  • THEME: Humidity
  • You likely thrive in places that are creative hubs where people can commune. Places where there is an alchemy of creativity. 
  • That place may be a literal kitchen, an art studio, or co-working spaces. It can also look like boardrooms and round table discussions.  
  • Find the places that invoke your creativity.


  • THEME: Being above things
  • You likely thrive in places where you can get perspective. It is important for you to be slightly removed from the bustle of life so you can observe and see things in a more detached way. 
  • Consider the places that offer you new perspectives.  For example, hotel rooms on high floors and cars that sit high.
  • Spend some time in the places that you feel it is conducive for you to get clarity and information. 


  • THEME: Being connected to what is going on
  • You likely thrive in places where people can make connections and enjoy getting together. 
  • You need to feel in touch with the real world and not removed from it.
  • Consider spending time in city centers, college towns, and at events that are exciting to you.


  • THEME: Open for others to come to you
  • This does not mean that you literally need to move to the beach but it does mean that you likely thrive in places where different elements or cultures come together.  
  • Consider spaces that have no boundaries or open boundaries – melting pots.
  • Find and spend time in environments, cities, and neighborhoods that are diverse and celebrate different cultures.

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