Free Digital Planner – The Moonlit Forest Planner

Free Digital Planner - The Moonlit Forest Planner

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Are you looking for a free digital planner? In this post, I am going to walk through the free digital planner that I have available to download in my Resource Library. This simple digital planner is available for everyone, especially those who are curious about digital planning. You may not be sure if it is the right planner for you but at least now you can try one and find out for sure.

I also have a video walk-through of this planner (linked above) so you can see what is inside this planner. As I walk through the planner, I offer some basic tips on how to use the planner and its layouts. I also offer some basic Goodnotes 5 tips which is one of the apps you can use for digital planning.

What you need to get started with digital planning

  • An iPad or tablet
  • A stylus  – I highly recommend this generic stylus. I have three of them and they work great!
  • A note-taking app such as Goodnotes 5, Notability or Noteshelf
    • I am most familiar with Goodnotes 5. Goodnotes is a free app and you can use the app for free with the first 3 notebooks. If you create or add more than 3 notebooks that are when you pay for the app.
Free Digital Planner

High-Level Information About this Digital Planner

  • This is an undated digital planner which means that you can start using it at any time.
  • This planner has hyperlinked tabs for easy navigation 
  • Planner pages and layouts can be duplicated and moved around as desired. (See video.)

What is inside this digital planner?

  • Yearly Layout
  • Monthly layout
  • Weekly layout
  • Daily Layout
  • Habits – Weekly Habit Tracker layout
  • Wellness habit tracker
  • Money Layouts – Monthly budget, Expenses tracker, a Revenue tracker
  • Goal Setting layouts
  • Notes section with pages
  • List section with to-do list pages

How to Access this Free Digital Planner

  • You will NOT be asked to provide any information to access this library.
  • The digital planner will be in the library under “Digital Tools”

Interested in creating your own digital planners?

I learned how to create digital planners by taking a course provided by the Secret Owl Society. If you are interested in creating or designing your own digital planners I highly recommend it! 


Acknowledgments to the artist

The art that was used to decorate this planner was found on Creative Market.

The featured image for this post is by Ya Kato. Discovered on


As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Some links on this blog post may be affiliate links that can result in small commissions & help support the site.

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