G-Center (Energy Center) in the Human Design System

G Center (Energy Center) in the Human Design System

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G-Center Energy Center

In this blog post, I cover the G-Center (Energy Center) at a high level.

G-Center – Energy Center in Human Design

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The G-Center is the diamond-shaped awareness center between the Throat and Sacral Centers. This center is often represented in the color yellow.

G-Center or Identify Energy Center


  • Identity, sense of self, sense of direction, and love

Understanding the Energetics of the G-Center

  • Magnetic Monopole
    • The G-Center contains the Magnetic Monopole which only does one thing. It attracts things like a magnet.
    • The Magnetic Monopole knows where we are going and why we are here. It pulls us through time and space. It attracts the things that are specifically ours to experience in this lifetime.
    • If we honor our unique strategy and authority we will go exactly where we are destined to go and love who we are supposed to love.

Biological Association

  • Liver

Defined G-Center

  • These individuals have a strong sense of who they are and they have a buffer against conditioning about who they are.
  • When they walk into new environments, they don’t necessarily adapt their identity to suit the new environment. They are not looking to change and shift in this way.
  • They have consistent access to an internal knowing. They don’t rely on the external world for knowing, direction, purpose, love, love of self, or love of the other.
  • They have an innate knowing about their mission in life or the direction they should go.
  • While these individuals have a buffer to the outside world, they can still encounter conditioning, especially when they were growing up. If they have experienced conditioning, they may reject their own inner knowing or inner voice. This inner voice tells them which direction they should go. When this happens, they will often experience a sense of loss. They may feel like giving up.

Undefined (Open) G-Center

  • This individual’s identity is adaptable to the environment like a chameleon. Being in different environments will bring out different flavors of their personality depending on what environment they are in.
  • If this individual grew up around people who had a really strong sense of who they are and where they are going it could have created conditioning this individual may need to work through.
  • They will not sense the pulling through space and time of the magnetic monopole but they are not supposed to experience that.
  • For this individual, the magnetic monopole is working and attracting by way of external time and place. Environment and where they are is SO important for this person. (For example, they will be in a city and just know they can live there.)
  • The open identity center is here to experience all kinds of directions, identities, loves, and has the capacity to be deeply wise and empathetic. It can take on the identity of another person. The open G-center can get into the vibe of a party. They curate their identity based on their external experiences with others and the environment.
  • This individual may have experienced a wide range of love relationships. There is no hard and fast one way is the lesson around love and they should not be focused on trying to find their person. Their job is not to worry about that. Their job is to pay attention to whether they feel good in their environment or not. If they are in the correct environment and following strategy/authority, the magnetic monopole will guide them there.
  • Because their monopole relies on “place”, they should always pay attention to the environment because it will lead them to the right places, the right people and the right opportunities. We don’t need to KNOW – the monopole is always attracting us to the right place and the right experience.
  • With regard to purpose – those with an open G-center need to suspend the need to label or box in their purpose.

Not-Self Theme

  • Fixed on finding love and / or direction

G-Center Gates

Gate 1

  • Traditional Name – The Gate of Self-Expression
  • Theme – The ability to create newness for the sake of individual self-expression

Gate 2

  • Traditional Name – The Gate of the Direction of the Self
  • Theme – A vision for turning ideas into reality

Gate 7

  • Traditional Name – The Gate of the Role of the Self in Interaction
  • Theme – Army leader

Gate 10

  • Traditional Name – The Gate of the Behavior of the Self
  • Theme – A love of life

Gate 13

  • Traditional Name – The Gate of the Listener
  • Theme – Listening and collecting stories

Gate 15

  • Traditional Name – The Gate of Extremes
  • Theme – Acceptance of our different ways and extremes

Gate 25

  • Traditional Name – The Gate of the Spirit of the Self
  • Theme – Embrace life with child like innocence

Gate 46

  • Traditional Name – The Gate of Determination of the Self
  • Theme – Love of physical self and its power

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References: The Definitive Book of Human Design – the Science of Differentiation by Lynda Bunnel and Ra Uru Hu (paid link) and Jenna Zoe’s Level 1 and Level 2 Human Design Training

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