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Gates and Planets in a Human Design Bodygraph Chart

In this blog post, I walk through the Gates and Planets in the Human Design Chart. Using an example Bodygraph Chart this post covers this subject at a high level. (For other posts in this series – see below)

Gates and Planets in a Human Design Bodygraph Chart

Where to get your bodygraph chart?

If you are interested in getting your Human Design Bodygraph chart similar to the one above – please go to

Gates and Planets in a Human Design Chart

The Symbols

  • All of the little symbols that you see next to the numbers in both columns in the bodygraph chart represent the planets. 

  • If you are at all familiar with astrology, you know that each planet has its own theme, flavor or energetic influence. For example, the earth represents a “grounding” theme whereas Mercury can represent communication (in addition to other things).

The Planets + themes

  • A list of themes of each planet represented in the chart:
    • Sun – What you are here to share
    • Earth – what grounds you
    • North Node – the direction you are going
    • South Node – where you came from
    • Moon – what drives you
    • Mercury – what you are here to communicate
    • Venus – What you value
    • Mars – What you are passionate about
    • Jupiter – Your gifts
    • Saturn – Your challenges
    • Uranus – Your rebellious side
    • Neptune – Spiritual challenges and  growth
    • Pluto – Potential for transformation

Putting it all together

  • This is an additional area of exploration If you are interested in deep diving into your chart. If you line up the theme of each planet with the meanings your gate activations – it may offer some insight into these aspects of your life.

  • Let’s look at Zahada’s chart as an example.
    • Zahada has gate 16  activated in her personality moon. The Moon’s theme is about the things that “drive us”. Gate 16 is a courageous and enthusiastic energy – it is about developing raw talent and seeing life as art.
    • At a high level, she is courageous and is driven to develop her talents with a spirit of enthusiasm. There is also a drive to find the perfect way to express her expertise – turning her work into an art form in some way that aligns with her true nature and capitalizes on her gifts and talents.

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