Goal Setting Workbook Walk-Through (Digital with Witchy Theme)

Magickal Goal Setting Digital Workbook Walk-Through

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In this post, I am going to walk through a goal setting workbook that is available in my shop or my Etsy shop. My intention is to explain what is inside the workbook so you can decide if this one might work well for you.

I also have a video walk-through of this digital workbook (linked above).  As I walk through the workbook I discussed how I recommend using the workbook and the tools inside. I also offer some basic Goodnotes 5 tips which is one of the apps you can use for digital note-taking.

Genesis of this Workbook

I designed this workbook because I wanted a goal setting planner that fit how MY brain works. Historically, whenever I have used traditional planners I always end up NOT using the monthly, weekly, and daily layouts. I would customize an existing planner (or create my own) and turn it into a workbook for goal setting and tracking. This year, I decided to create a digital version for myself and decided to share it publicly in case others would find it helpful.

Goal Setting Workbook

What you need to get started with digital planning or note-taking

  • An iPad or tablet
  • A stylus  – I highly recommend this generic stylus. I have three of them and they work great!
  • A note-taking app such as Goodnotes 5, Notability or Noteshelf
    • I am most familiar with Goodnotes 5. Goodnotes is a free app and you can use the app for free with the first 3 notebooks. If you create or add more than 3 notebooks that are when you pay for the app. 

Who is this Goal Setting Workbook for?

  • This workbook is designed to be high-level for individuals who enjoy setting and tracking goals at a high level.
    • There are high-level planning elements in this workbook such as a yearly layout and a future but there are no traditional monthly, weekly, or daily layouts.
  • This is a digital notebook (and not a physical product…yet) so the user likely enjoys using digital note-taking apps.
  • Users who enjoy reflection, personal development, goal setting, divination (oracle or tarot) and improving/tracking their finances.

High-Level Information About this Digital Workbook 

  • This is an undated digital workbook which means that you can start using it at any time. It can also be used multiple years in a row.
  • This workbook has hyperlinked tabs for easy navigation 
  • The workbook pages, tools, and layouts can be duplicated and moved around as desired. (See video – add a hyperlink to YT video)
  • This workbook is decorated with pagan Spring or Ostara theme graphics. (See artist shout-out below)

What you get when you purchase the goal setting workbook 

  • The Magickal Goal Setting Workbook with hyperlinked tabs (interactive PDF file)

What Is Inside this Witchy Goal Setting Workbook?

Workbook sections + Tools

  • Yearly  (Yearly layout, future log, reflections, inspiration, dreams & manifestations, high-level goal setting)
  • Quarterly (Quarterly goal setting layouts)
  • Mid-Year (Mid-Year Review – Layouts designed to be completed 6 months into the year to reflect on what has been completed, document pivots, and set goals for the rest of the year)
  • Monthly (Monthly goal setting layouts)
  • End Year (End of Year Review – Layouts for the end of a 12-month cycle – reflection, wins, challenges, planning for the next year)
  • Money (8 layouts to support financial goals including expenses, income, debt & budget trackers + Net Worth worksheet)
  • Notebook
  • To-Do List
  • Tools (10 layouts including goal setting layouts and divination layouts that can be duplicated and moved to different areas of the notebook)
  • Pages (7 layouts including lined pages, to-do list pages, blank pages, grid pages, etc that can be duplicated and moved to different sections of the notebook. This is also a place where pages that are *NOT* being used from other areas of the notebook can be stored.)

Where to Buy this digital Goal Setting Workbook

Interested in creating your own digital planners or workbooks?

I learned how to create digital planners by taking a course provided by the Secret Owl Society. If you are interested in creating or designing your own digital planners I highly recommend it! 


Acknowledgments to the Artists

The art that was used to decorate this planner was found on Creative Market.

The featured image for this post is by Click and Learn Photography. Discovered on Unsplash.com.


As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Some links on this blog post may be affiliate links that can result in small commissions & help support the site.

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