Goddess Planner Flip Through

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If you would like to see the Goddess Planner Flip Through check out the video above.

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Goddess Planner Flip Through

Goddess Planner Flip Through

Goddess Planner – Features

  • The Goddess Planner is created by Sze Wing Vetault
  • Hardbound book – 8 x 10 about an 1.5 inches thick (feels like a recipe book)
  • High quality paper
  • One Year of Monthly and Weekly Undated layouts – you can start this planner whenever you like!
  • 276 pages – Pages not numbered
  • Gorgeous art – moon phases, floral and crystal  watercolor elements throughout

You might like this planner if you…

  • Like books and want a beautiful but solid planner that won’t fall apart
  • Enjoy working in a planner every day and structure and getting into the details of things feels supportive to you.
  • Want a planner that inspires you to check-in from a body, mind, and spirit perspective.
  • Are interested in planning your life in alignment with the moon cycle and your menstrual cycle
  • Want a large planner (not pocket sized)

Goddess Planner – Structure

  • 5 blank pages at front
  • “How to use this planner” message
  • 12 month layout
  • New Beginning page
  • 2 page spread that includes a reference for how to leverage the moon cycle and your menstrual cycle (if you have one) for getting what you want in life
  • Everyone month you can expect the following pages and layouts
    • Undated monthly view – 1 page layout
    • “Turning it Over” layout  – “To do list for yourself and a “To Do List” for the universe
    • New Moon Intention Layout
    • Full Moon Release Layout
    • Each week you can expect the following pages / layouts
      • My Weekly Planner
        • Date
        • Identify moon phase
        • Focus for the week (I would have included language in Moon Phase reference page that guides the user what to choose on the weekly page – based on what is going on with moon cycle)
        • Top 3 priorities
        • Reminders
        • To Do list
      • Weekly Schedule
        • Date
        • Monday – Sunday
      • Weekly Check-In
        • Date
        • Identify moon phase
        • Cycle check in
        • Mood
        • Body
        • Mind
        • Spirit
        • Ideas for self-care
      • Weekly Habit tracker
        • Space for 8 habits to tracker
        • Notes section
  • End of Year Layouts
    • Year End Review
    • Year End Wish List
    • Thoughts / Assessment 

Images from this planner….

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