How Batman Revealed My Biggest Money Block

How Batman Revealed My Biggest Money Block

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In the video below, I share how Batman revealed my biggest money block. I am also providing a summary of the video below. 

If you are into personal development or manifestation you have probably heard about limiting beliefs and mindset blocks that keep us from having what we want in life. Like many, I am always working on my own personal development and identifying the beliefs or negative stories holding me back. Sometimes my epiphanies come to me through pop culture and recently, I realized how my love of Batman as a superhero provided clues on my biggest money block. Specifically, I don’t like being seen.

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Summary of the Video Linked Above

Think about the things that you like in your life… are there superheroes or fictional characters that you admire? Are there real people you admire? WHY do you admire these figures? And what is it about them that you appreciate? Consider what it says about what might be going on inside of you.

Batman is one of my favorite superheroes…

  • Batman is cool because he does good things while being anonymous. 
  • Batman is cool because he is super rich and can create many different toys that help him take care of the bad guys.
  • In a nutshell, he is using his wealth for good but he wants to be anonymous. He doesn’t want anybody to know who he is. He doesn’t want anybody to know who is behind the mask

So Tiffany had an epiphany! 

I have this idea for a nonprofit organization that I would love to get going, but I would love to be anonymous. If I had it my way, I wouldn’t want anybody to know who’s behind the nonprofit organization that does GOOD things.

Upon reflection, I also have to admit that I am somebody who DOES NOT like attention. and you’re probably thinking what is she talking about? She has a website and a YouTube channel!  I know, but let me tell you how hard it has been to have this website and my YouTube channel. Over time I have become good with it but it has been an adjustment. 

Throughout my career, I didn’t like the attention I would get when I excelled on a project. I had a couple of jobs where they would give awards and we had to go on stage and I HATED it. So I don’t love attention – I just don’t.

And then I also had an astrologer tell me that I was once killed in a past life for something that I said. And, you know when somebody tells you something, and it rings true? So when he said that to me, I thought that would explain why I have trouble expressing my own truth through my voice.

When I put all of these things together, I realized that one of my biggest money blocks is that I don’t love being seen, I don’t love to be recognized.

In closing, is there anything in your life that you really like, and if you dug a little more under the surface you might discover something new about yourself?

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