How To Get Things Done – My 4-Step Process

How I Get Things Done - My 4-Step Process

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I decided to share my 4-step process for how I get things done for two reasons. First, I want to empower others to OWN their unique process for getting things done. There is a lot of information out there about productivity strategies that will (or should) work for everyone and I just don’t believe it works that way. The way we are designed to work is not a one-size-fits-all situation. I believe that we need to stop looking to external voices that tell us HOW we should work and start tuning into ourselves and trusting in the processes that work for us. 

I can’t tell you how many different planners I have purchased hoping they would work for me only to discover that my brain just doesn’t work that way. This is why I started creating my own tools.

Lastly, I am sharing what works for me in case it gives someone else ideas to test and try out. 

One – Yearly Planning

  • I start with a yearly review where I reflect on the previous year, and set intentions and goals for the next year. I also capture my inspirations for the year to come and write down the things I would like to manifest into my life.
  • I usually do this exercise in mid-late December every year.

Two – Monthly Planning

  • At the beginning of each month, I capture my top 3 priorities, write my high-level goals for the month, and do a high-level tarot or oracle card reading.‌ 
  • Here are some examples of my high-level goals. You will notice that they can be broken into smaller steps
    • “Plan future BP content”
    • “Finish Module 1 of x course”
    • “Make website updates”
  • The goal is to use this list as a baseline for my weekly to-do list (see below).
  • The tarot reading consists of 4 cards and covers the following:
    • Theme of the month
    • Opportunities this month
    • Challenges this month
    • Advice or Wisdom for the month

Three – Mid-Review Review

  • In June / July each year I will do a mid-year review where I review my plan for the year. The goal is to:
    • Review what goals or projects I completed (yay!)
    • Document the things I am still working on
    • Identify any pivots or changes to my plan that are needed because I believe nothing is set in stone. Life happens. Things change and I need to be adaptable.
    • Revise my plan for the rest of the year based on this mid-year reflection process.

Four – Weekly To-Do List

  • I write a new task list each week. 90% of these tasks directly line up with my goals for the month and I typically sit down to write this list every Sunday. 
  • I will write this list in a planner (if there is space) and I have also dedicated an 8.5 x 11 notebook for this task.
  • I check things off the list as I and then I will “migrate” tasks to the next week (where applicable) when I write my new weekly to do list.

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