How to Listen to Splenic Authority (or the Voice of the Spleen)

How to Listen to Splenic Authority (or the Voice of the Spleen)

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In this article, I will discuss what the voice of the Splenic Energy Center sounds like. This information will be incredibly useful for Manifestors or Projectors who have splenic authority but it will also be helpful to any energy type that has a defined (or colored in) spleen energy center. 

What is Splenic Authority? 

Splenic hits “live” in your Splenic Energy Center. It can also be called your instincts or your intuition. It is that instant knowing that something is right or wrong for you.

The splenic center often communicates through an instant vibration that feels like a deep recognition that a course of action is definitely right for you. It communicates in the PRESENT and is a moment to moment thing. It will evolve over time.

When something is NOT right for you, the instant vibration can be experienced as instant unease, a knowing that a specific course of action isn’t safe or in alignment for you.

The Splenic Energy Center speaks quickly and in “the now”

The voice of the splenic energy center is quick and it comes in the moment. For example, you’re leaving the house and your body stops you because a force stops you and your mind says,”something’s not right”. Am I missing something?  What am I forgetting? Then you realize you forgot my keys, or your cell phone. This is how the splenic voice hits in the moment. It never shares the same information twice. So it’s a moment to moment thing because, even in life, things are always shifting.  

As a manifester or a projector with splenic authority, you will likely make decisions more quickly than other people in your life, especially if those people have emotional authority. When it comes to making decisions that involve other people, even if you know something is a YES you may need to give others some space and time to determine if something is a YES for them too.

It can speak through the voice of fear 

The Splenic Energy Center can speak to you through the language of fear, anxiety or unease. Let’s say you’re making a really big decision and you are trying to decide if investing in a really expensive course is in alignment for you. It’s going to be a big financial commitment but also an intense time commitment.

A YES in this situation might look like, “oh my gosh, this thing is so exciting to me, but it also scares me shitless! I am scared to take the leap! But it’s still exciting and it feels right but I can’t explain why.  This is how the spleen can tell you “Yes, do the thing.”

If the voice says, “oh my gosh, this is scary and something doesn’t feel right. I feel gross. I feel icky. I feel like something is off but I can’t put my finger on why, then that is going to be a NO. 

The Splenic Voice can be a full body response 

I have a Manifestor friend who has Splenic authority and for her, a YES shows up as a full body vibration or response.When she knows something’s a YES for her, she says it feels like a full body. “Hell yes!” I know this is the thing for me.

And when something is a NO for her, she says that she feels like her body contracts and wants to recoil. This is how the language of fear or unease can show up in the body and give clues to things that are (or are not) in alignment for us.

This voice can share random information that benefits us 

A little story for you. I used to spend a bit of time on the Clubhouse app and I would spend time in  rooms dedicated to the different energy types. One day I was in a room for projectors and many of those projectors had splenic authority. During the discussion, a woman shared a funny but interesting story about how her splenic voice has shown up.

She said that she was drinking her morning coffee as usual and she knew that she had an errand to run later that day. As she was sitting there, she just got this hit in the moment that was said, “GO NOW”. “Do your errand now”.  So she thought about it and said, “Okay, I’m in a position to honor that voice right now, so I’m gonna go ahead and do the errand that I wanted to do now instead of later.”  

The errand was picking up bagels from a local bagel shop and she said that when she walked into the bagel shop, that fresh bagels had just come out of the oven so she was able to get the most fresh bagels that you could possibly get. 

I think this is the perfect story to illustrate that the Splenic voice will tell you things in the moment and sometimes these intuitive hits in the now are going to benefit you in ways you may not expect. 

A few final words 

  • When you receive your knowing in the now, acknowledge it even if you decide to NOT act on it.
  • The key to Splenic wisdom is to avoid overthinking and over-analyzing the sensation or information you are getting as it is happening. Don’t try to rationalize the decision in the moment. Save reflection for AFTER the action.

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