Human Design and Career

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In this article, I will discuss Human Design and career. Specifically, what can Human Design tell us about career and what does it NOT tell us? 

What Human Design Does (and DOES NOT) tell us 

Unfortunately, Human Design does NOT tell us what we should be when we “grow up” or the career path we should take. It doesn’t say you’re meant to be a writer or that you’re supposed to be a lawyer. And human design also doesn’t tell us what our passions or interests are going to be. The information in your bodygraph chart is not prescriptive because you are not destined to be any one thing. 

What human design does tell us is what energy or energetics you will BRING to your passions, to your career, to the things that you love to do. Human design will also tell you what gifts and talents you bring to the things you love to do, to the work you’re doing in this life.

Human Design will also give you clues on which gifts or energetics you can lean into or embrace. For example, if you have a lot of correction energy in your chart and you like to fix or diagnose things, you will bring this gift to the work you do. This is a perspective you will bring to whatever it’s you’re doing. 

Lastly, Human design can also give clues as to  how much structure is energetically correct for you. Will leaning into MORE structure during your workday be supportive to you? OR is it better for you to lean into FLEXIBILITY and have variety in your day.

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Energy Type and Career

Let’s walk through the five different energy types and explore each energy type’s energetic relationship with their livelihood.

Generator and Manifesting Generator Energy Type

Generators and Manifesting Generators both have sacral energy and the strategy to respond. These two energy types are here to do what lights them up or makes them feel satisfied with life. And YES, I know this sounds so cliche. You might ask “shouldn’t every energy type be doing what they love to do?” The answer is YES but the difference is that it’s particularly important for Generators and Manifesting Generators to love what they are doing because when they are doing what they love to do, it creates much needed life force energy. And when they ARE NOT doing what they love to do, it drains life force energy. And the planet REALLY needs this energy. We need Generators and Manifesting Generators creating energy for the benefit of everyone.

When considering their job or their career path, it will be very important for Generators and Manifesting Generators to prioritize satisfaction and doing work that lights them up over money. The biggest trap for these energy types will be making decisions based on logic and how much money they will make. This can quickly get them into a situation where they burnout, feel stuck and frustrated with life.  

Manifestor Energy Type

Manifestor “strategy” in life is “to inform”. They are here to let people know what they’re doing, learning or thinking about. Because Manifestors don’t have a defined (or colored) sacral energy center their relationship to energy is going to be inconsistent. Manifestors may experience times when they have a high level of energy and they have the stamina to work 80 hours a week for a period of time just to finish a project or accomplish a goal.  Then they will find that they need to have a period of rest. 

So what’s really important as a Manifestor is to make sure that you love the work that you do, that you’re generally interested in, but also understand that even when you’re doing work you love to do your energy will not be consistent.  You may have days when you have a lot of energy because you are in your urge and excited about what you’re doing, and then you will have days when you need to honor your need to rest. And it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will need to call off of work but it just means that your energy is designed to show up in fits and starts.  Get to know your own energy cycle, how it works and honor it. Try not to push yourself when you are not feeling it.

Projector Energy Type

Projectors are like Manifestors in the sense that when they’re doing things they love to do, they are not going to be creating energy. And because their energy’s inconsistent, even when they’re doing the things they love to do, they need to honor their own energy cycle, their own energy pattern, just like the Manifestor.

If you have done any Googling about Projectors and work, you may find that people say, “Projectors are only supposed to work 2 – 3 hours a day.” This can be very confusing for a Projector because it may leave them thinking, “What does that mean? Am I designed not to be successful? Am I never gonna make any money? Who can survive on this planet working a part-time job?”

First, I want to say that this doesn’t mean that you can’t work a full-time job. But what it DOES mean is that you need to be very self-aware about the work that you’re doing throughout the day and how you use your energy. It is important to be very aware of the tasks you are working on that feel heavy or drain your energy quickly. And then pay attention to the aspects of your job that feel like they come easy to you. For example maybe you notice that sitting through meetings feels heavy to you. They drain your energy quickly. So if this is true you will want to only schedule two to three hours of meetings a day. And the rest of the time you focus on doing research, you are processing things that you’ve learned. Maybe you’re reading something you’re observing, maybe you’re doing tasks that come very easily to you, like data entry, reading, processing information etc.

The key is for you to really be very aware of what tasks you are doing that feel like exertion and drain your energy quickly. And then which tasks do you feel like you can do effortlessly and try to the best of your ability limit the ones that feel like exertion to two to three hours a day.

Reflector Energy Type

What is most important for Reflectors to understand is that their energy is going to shift based on the environments that they are in and the people they are working around. This is because all of their energy centers are open (or white) so they are incredible receptive to the energetics of a place.

If you are a Reflector, it is important for you to make sure that your work environments feel good to you, that they feel energetically correct to you. For example, when a Reflector is looking for a new job and doing interviews, they should pay close attention to how the new environments feel to them. They should note whether or not those environments (physical or virtual) feel energetically in alignment or not. What are the vibes are they picking up on? What are the energetics of the place? Do those energies feel good to you? This is how the Reflector will know that they are in the right places.

Reflectors also need to understand that they are like chameleons. They are not designed to box themselves into a specific identity because their energy will shift based on the environments they are in and the people they are around. For example, the Reflector may find that when they are working with one group of people, they experience a higher energy and a pressure to get all of the things done. And when they are working with a different group of colleagues their energy is more chill and less intense. This is because the Reflector is picking up on the auras of the people that they are working around. They should understand what they experience IS their own nature but it’s not ALWAYS them. They are a shapeshifter that will shift based on the environments they are in.

Personality Sun Gate and the Incarnation Cross

Personality Sun Gate

Your Personality Sun Gate is the gift that you are here to share. The sun is about shedding a light on things. It’s about sharing and giving energy. The Personality Sun Gate is said to be about 70% of our energy so when we are looking at our body graph chart, and also considering a career path, it is important to understand the energy of the Personality Sun Gate. We really want to know the energetics of it because this is the energy that we will bring to the things we love to do. 

For example, in the chart shown above Gate 21 is the Personality Sun Gate for this person. This gate is about money and resource management but it is also about controlling things. (“Controlling” in the positive sense of the word). In the high expression of this energy, control can be a good thing. So if this person is interested in real estate, they will bring this gift of managing resources to their real estate profession in some way. They may own their own real estate firm and lead a team or they may own and manage many properties.  This energy can show up in many different ways.

Incarnation Cross

The next piece to consider is the Incarnation Cross. In the example above, we have the Right Angle Cross of Tension. The 4 gates that make up this Incarnation are Gate 21 (the Personality Sun), Gate 48, Gate 38, and Gate 39. 

The Incarnation Cross is your life theme and it is a blend of gifts and talents that you will bring to your passions and the work you do especially if you live in alignment with your Human Design strategy and authority. The Incarnation Cross usually doesn’t come into play until later in life (age 30’s and 40”s). It’s really something that will come into light as you live your design, as you live your strategy and authority, and there’s nothing that needs to be done to make it happen.

I have an article dedicated to the Incarnation Cross – SEE LINK BELOW

The Arrows (or Variables)

The arrows in the bodygraph chart are another area that gives clues on how we show up in the work we do. The arrows are located at the top of the chart on either side of the Crown and Ajna energy centers. 

Disclaimer: The arrows are a very complex and advanced part of the chart so the information here is very high level and speaks only to generalities.

When looking at the charts above you will notice that these arrows can point either left or right. Most people are going to have a mix of both, you’re gonna have some arrows that point left, some arrows that point right. Less often, you see a chart where all of the arrows point RIGHT, which we call a “quad right”. And then you have charts where all of the arrows point LEFT, which we call “quad left”. 

When arrows in a chart point LEFT it generally means that more structure in your life is energetically correct for you. You may find that you really thrive with a routine or you benefit from tools that bring structure into your life. A really great example would be a planner. If all of your arrows point left, in theory, you may find planning tools to be supportive to you. 

When arrows are pointing right it generally means that having less structure in your life may be energetically correct for you. In fact, the more structure you have in your life or the more you are  forced to try to work within rigid systems, the more you may find that they feel restrictive.  For you it would be more energetically correct to have more variety in your day and let go of structure that feels confining.

Most people will have a blend so the takeaway is this….

  • If most of your arrows point LEFT, explore where structure can be supportive to you in your life, even if maybe you are unsure if it will really help or not. Experiment with different types of structure.
  • If most of your arrows point RIGHT, think about where structure makes you feel restricted or shuts down your creativity. Ask yourself where could you open things up a little bit, be more flexible and experience more variety? 
  • If two of your arrows point LEFT and two point RIGHT, understand that you will need a balance of structure and flexibility in your life. Notice where structure feels supportive and lean into that. Also, notice where more flexibility is needed. Consider your creative side and what you need for your creative genius to be expressed?

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