Human Design and Relationships

Human Design and Partnerships

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In this post I am going to talk about Human Design and Relationships. Specifically, answering the questions – What can Human Design tell us about relationships? Are specific energy types more compatible in relationships? What does a partnership synergy reading look like? 

I also have a video discussing this topic with sample charts side by side (a Manifestor with a Generator)  (linked below).

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Human Design Partnership Synergy Readings

If you are interested in a live or pre-recorded Partnership Synergy reading see resources below:

What can Human Design tell us about Relationships?

  • First, Human Design does not help you (or anyone) predict an ideal partnership nor does it help you find a partner. 
  • There is no “perfect pairing” when it comes to Energy Types in Human Design. Any two energy types can get together and find compatibility especially when the two individuals are “living their design” (aka following their strategy and authority). 
  • Human Design helps people better understand each other. When you understand your own chart and your partner’s chart, you can recognize what might be going on when their “not self” pop’s up and you can better understand how to support them.

Example chart with a Manifestor and a Generator side by side

What is covered in a Human Design Partnership Synergy reading?

The video above gives a much more detailed example of the information that is covered in a Human Design Partnership Synergy reading so I highly recommend checking it out. That said, here is a summary of the types of information that is reviewed during this conversation

  • Energy Type review of both partners including strategy and authority and how to recognize and support each other in living your design
  • Review profile (personality) aspect of the charts and any synergies or areas of difference
  • gates can create synergies / chemistry
  • Walk-through the energy center in the chart discussing their meaning and what it means when an energy center is colored (defined) or open (white). We also discuss the dynamics between the two charts can show up in your partnership in a positive way or a challenging way
  • Review the activated gates and channels in both charts including areas of “chemistry” (aka compatibility) and challenge aspects.
  • Explain the information that is available in the arrows at the top of the bodygraph chart including digestion, ideal environment and strongest sense. Will also discuss areas of compatibility or difference.

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