Guide to the Human Design Arrows – Part 4

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Guide to the Human Design Arrows - Part 4

Arrow #4 – Mind and Awareness

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Introduction to the 4 Transformations…

When you look at your human design chart you will see four arrows at the top. (Get your free chart here). These 4 arrows represent the Four Transformations: digestion, environment, awareness, and perspective. 

In a nutshell, the arrows show the ideal way in which we relate to the world around us and how we should take in information. Because each arrow points either left or right there are 16 potential combinations of arrows. (See image below).

This post is not going to cover all of the potential combinations and what each combo means for an individual so I highly recommend booking an appointment with your favorite Human Design expert if you are curious about what your specific combination means for you.

16 Possible Arrow Combinations

Experts in Human Design advise us NOT to worry about the arrows until we have learned to lean into the strategy and authority of our specific energy type. I agree with this 100% so I wanted to call this out before I go much further.

5 Energy Types in Human Design

If you are new to Human Design and your Bodygraph Chart, know that your strategy and authority are the MOST important aspects to focus on.

That said, I am feeling called to speak to the advanced information in the arrows because I think it might be useful in the context of a larger conversation around finding our flow when it comes to productivity. 

Arrow #4 (Mind & Awareness) – Overview

  • This arrows reveals how we think and the best way to process information.

Arrow #4 – Left-Facing

Left-Facing Arrows are often referred to as “left-ness”
  • Strategic Awareness – This person has a logical mind that thrives in mastering details, facts. 
  • Energetically correct to shut the world out and laser focus on things if needed. This will benefit this person to engage with their passions which likely have a factual energy – seeing patterns and working with absolutes and numbers.
  • Low tolerance for ambiguity because their logical mind likely thrives when memorizing information and mastering details. 
  • Traditional education may have come easy for this person.

Arrow #4 – Right-Facing

Right-Facing Arrows are often referred to as “right-ness”
  • Receptive awareness – This person has a creative mind that thrives on imagination, seeing the connections and deeper meanings in things. 
  • Energetically correction for you to have an open focus or cultivate “open awareness” which leads to tremendous insights and depth of understanding.
  • This person will see things others may not; they see things creatively and think in artwork, imagination and fantasy. They are here to make intuitive connections between things and can naturally see deeper meanings.
  •  Conventional education might have been a struggle.

Does more “structure” feel supportive to you?

If more “structure” feels supportive to you – lean into it / embrace it.

Does more “fluidity” feel supportive to you?

If more “fluidity” feels supportive to you – lean into it / embrace it.

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If you are interested in all things Human Design, check out the Free Resource Library for free printable PDFs and digital products designed to support your Human Design journey.

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